Sunderland 0 Man Utd 1: Martin the (now ex-) manager speaks

Jake: was it always too much to ask?
Jake: was it always too much to ask?


 John Mac writes:

A brief interlude before the chief getting back to the computer means I’m putting up Martin’s musings. I’m doing it as time ticks away and I’m hoping for away goals at Southampton and Wigan. Why am I feeling like this? For no other reason than Titus put his knee in the way and took away our hopes of a point.

And how does our manager feel? here he is to let you know in his own words:



 Dear Colin,

I thought we were tentative in the first half; we were a bit wary of Manchester United and their ability.

We got into the game properly in the second half and I must admit the effort shown was fantastic.

I’ve taken a lot of heart from that second half performance; we played better against a really good side.

Before the game the players may have been apprehensive because of Manchester United’s reputation, but at the break the only thing that separated the two teams was that one goal.

The crowd got right behind us and the players put everything into the game.

The four players who came in today did very well. Overall, I don’t think anyone can fault the effort shown.

The second half performance is definitely something to build on as United have been outstanding this season.

All the best,
Martin O’Neill

Jake: as if we need reminding
Jake: as if we need reminding

18 thoughts on “Sunderland 0 Man Utd 1: Martin the (now ex-) manager speaks”

  1. Odd thing is that that was not our worst performance and second half we almost held our own against Man U. We only lost by an own goal. Fair enough we offered little in attack but that has been the proforma for a good few weeks now.

    Maybe Mr Short has realised that the squad is no longer with MON, same way he realised that the fans were no longer with Bruce and has acted accordingly. I bet there will be a few stories to come out of the dressing room.

    Gutted that MON’s tenure had to end like this and probably his mangagerial career, Villa fans were right though it has to be said. Thats two managers this squad of players has got rid off (Fletcher and one or two others exempted), they need to take a good look at themselves.

  2. I remember your fans coming on the villa blog gloating you had the messiah and we did try to warn you about his ways of buying overpriced players on stupid wages, and as we have found out, takes years if they can be shifted. For 3 years we have tried to move players on stupid contracts we still have Dunne (injured all year) on about £65k per week who is just seeing out the last months of his contract, those that do move on you will lose millions on. When the dust has settled you will find not only will you find he has left you with a load of crap you cannot move but also with a financial void that will not allow you to buy, it has taken us 3 years to clear up his mess which is why we have so many academy players in the 1st team and still we have to listen to the pundits telling us that we would not be where we are if we had kept MON and on that they are right we would have gone bust. Finally a word of warning beware Alex Mcs***e and his recommendation from SAF, by the way free counselling available on

  3. Hello chaps remember me? All I will say is…I told you so!! Poor Manager, tactically inept, no plan B, Over priced average signings…The Myth that is Martin O’Neill has finally been laid to rest!!!

    Now form an orderly queue with your apologies because I’m afraid you’ll have to admit I was right wasn’t I?

    You’ve got to respect your board for having the ball to fire the loser and actually trying to do something about the mess you’re in but saying that did they have much choice?

  4. You could not have done any worse the football was terrible I just hope the new manager and I hope someone like David moyes gets rid of the shit that is there and we all know who they are .

  5. Never too late, Alan. Interetsting to see who comes in now. I’m available……………………

  6. If something doesn’t change quickly , then we’re going down. Simple as that.

    I know its difficult , but the home crowd has to really be the 11th man and not get on the team’s back but make as much noise as possible. The opponents must be intimidated at the SOL and our players carried on the wave of supportive noise.
    I know as a fan watching, my instinct is to complain and criticise and get on my teams back, but I think the one factor that is going to save us is the crowd at our home games. The SOL was once a fortress. I hope it becomes a place agian where other teams are intimidated by the noise.

  7. Yes bill they do it right sack there manager and the board give the new manager time to get them out of trouble and it will work the best thing about that is the new manager can’t speak English but he didn’t need to he just told them to get forward and score goals then don’t concede easy as that instead off MON muppets can’t do that ..

  8. Keep up with the thumbs down when you have them up your own arses watching championship football with a championship side with a championship manager and a championship set up you arse holes..

  9. Just back from Sol.Nice quiet place.Thousands of people sitting on their hands.Back to the pub.More atmosphere there.

  10. Martin take your head out of your backside man utd did not have to come out of 1st gear to beat us. They were out for a stroll and for your number 9 he never won one single header against there centre backs so take graham and go to the rest of you muppets do you believe me now that we are doomed as I have said for months now 1point above the drop and soon be planted in the bottom three ……

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