Paolo’s Pow-Wow from Aston Villa: Unacceptable!


Jake captures the man
Jake captures the man

No excuses from PDC in his personal e-mail to M Salut. Now it’s time to reflect, put right what went wrong and gee the team up for Stoke next week. I’ve a feeling that there will be some extra hours at the training ground this week but the manager insists that there are good things on which to build.

Dear Colin,

It was a very bad performance – it wasn’t acceptable.

I’m going to analyse my players and myself this week and work out what has happened.

We switched off – maybe after two wins in a row we felt a bit full in our stomachs – but this cannot be the case, it’s never possible to be full – even at the highest level.

We have to defend our pride and honour, we have a big responsibility to do that in all games.

Aston Villa looked like we did in our last two games – they had fire and ferocity. They had desire and ambition all over the field, it didn’t happen for us tonight.

It’s obvious how the players are feeling right now, I have had results worse than this in my career and I felt like the worst player in the world.

It’s important that we understand that we had a bad performance tonight and we will look at why this happened but we can’t burn what we have built over the last two games.

We have two home games now and we know we can’t relax; it’s by no means acceptable. We are going to work as hard as we have in the last two weeks as we look forward to these games.

All the best

Paolo Di Canio

Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt
See what Monsieur Salut made of it at ESPN:


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2 thoughts on “Paolo’s Pow-Wow from Aston Villa: Unacceptable!”

  1. let’s hope he does learn. See discussion on horrendous team selection and tactics on the sixers sevens thread.
    He has proved quick to spot the flaws that were inherent. Let’s hope he can spot flaws he has introduced as quickly.

  2. They say you learn more in defeat than by winning,I m not sure if the harder the defeat is the more you learn…I certainly hope so.

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