Salut! Podcast: We talk a little Everton & Sunderland at Aston Villa. Easy, right?

 Well aren’t we a happy bunch? Two wins against the two sides we normally fail to beat has given everyone a huge lift…. Is perhaps the understatement of the year! In all seriousness, it can be easy to forget that we’re involved in a relegation battle, writes Stephen Goldsmith. But let’s just put the Cherry Lambrini and bottles of 20/20 on ice for a moment. A loss would result in Villa being behind us only on goal difference and you just can’t rule out Wigan at all in this situation.

BANNER!CharlieBut confidence has prevailed when it comes to positive attitude, and why not? We deserve to to be optimistic after the season we’ve had and have just beaten Newcastle and Everton. God, I could write that sentence over and over. And how relieving it is to approach this game knowing a defeat still leaves it very much in our hands, it really is a scenario that seemed highly unlikely three weeks ago. We’ve had a production meeting and have taken on board some new ideas regarding the podcast and the direction it is to go in (more on that later) so this could be the last of its type in the set format it currently airs at. It may not be. We’ll see. Joining me this week:

  • Richard Mason from The Northern Echo makes his second appearance.
  • Founder of blog Aston Villa Life ( ) Matt Turvey joins us on the phone to chat all things Villa.
  • Gareth Barker, as always, introduces us to all things Sunderland through his eyes.

Get on the podcast lads ‘n lasses:

1 thought on “Salut! Podcast: We talk a little Everton & Sunderland at Aston Villa. Easy, right?”

  1. Yes having beaten Everton and Newcastle our future does look distinctly more positive.In fact beating Everton and Newcastle has turned our confidence around 180 degrees.

    If you had asked me after the Man Utd game, could we beat Everton and Newcastle? I would have said you were stark raving bonkers.

    But actually having actually witnessed a miracle and seen us beating Everton and Newcastle I can personally say I feel totally energised and confident we can stay up.
    And yes it does feel good to write that…….

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