Paolo’s Pow-Wow after Southampton debacle: ‘I needed more from my players’

Jake previews the last home game
Jake previews the last home game

So our Champions League final might as well have been an end-of-season jaunt. Southampton, clearly the better side without even being that good, will feel aggrieved at dropping two points. Sunderland survive for now but rely, in all rational probability, on Arsenal or Villa to maintain that survival. Paolo Di Canio knows the score as his post-match e-mail makes clear …

Dear Colin,

Today’s point is a very important point.

We didn’t deserve to win the game because Southampton did a better job than us.

With 15 minutes to go we were 1-0 up and could perhaps taste the victory, but it didn’t happen.
I needed more from the players.

I have to be honest, after the first 25 minutes I could have made changes.

I expect much more – my demands are very high.

At this moment that is the minimum, the players should know this without me telling them. I will have to make sure I select the right players.

We have to move on and make sure we’re fully focused on our next game. I want to see a different performance from Sunderland.

Even after Tuesday’s result – whatever that may be – I want to see a professional performance at Spurs because we need to build a different mentality for the future.

All the best,
Paolo Di Canio

Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt
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11 thoughts on “Paolo’s Pow-Wow after Southampton debacle: ‘I needed more from my players’”

  1. Not one to make excuses as I know our squad is far from perfect but the loss of Fletcher,Cattermole and Sessinong has had a huge effect.No one would argue the’re world beaters but the’re 3 of our best outfield players .Should we stop up which is likely then hopefully the’re back for next season along with Rosé,Mingolet and 6 new faces! If Di Canio’s as bad as Pardwho he won’t be here five minutes never mind 7 years,uncle Ellis will see to that.

  2. Looks like Di Canio’s influence only lasted for 2 games I think he’s worse than Pardew.

    • Whatever one’s opinion of Di Canio, he’d never say he couldn’t care less about the result of a forthcoming match. Pardew’s “it was only a joke” comment is what you’d expect from a schoolboy who’s been caught putting chewing gum in the fire alarms or extorting dinner money from a smaller kid.

  3. Well I suppose its job done for PDC he has tried his best and we will have to wait the outcome….for posterity.

    It was a hard game to win with the players we had missing,but hopefully PDC influence has been enough….8 points from 7games(assuming we lose at Spurs)is about as good as we could expect.I know one thing we would have got nowhere near that under MON.

  4. Injuries to Fletcher and Cattermole and the bans on Sess and Gardner have had a huge impact on performances. They are the best players in the squad their return and the addition of a centre back creative midfielder and a striker will make us competitive. There will be a clean out in the Summer survival is imperative, if Wigan can beat Arsenal away it would be the result of the season.

  5. Is there anybody who comes on here who can offer Danny Graham some employment elsewhere? There has to be someone who can get him shelf stacking on the night shift at Lidl or delivering for Stead & Simpson.

    I apologise to any Sunday morning pub players for previous comparisons with Graham. Tough on the lads from the Coach Horses and Mason’s Arms.

  6. I agree Dave, Big Alf’s looking the part more each week, I think he’s going to prove to be a good buy. And I think Cuellar is too prone to Bramble-isms to rely on in the top flight. Did I say top flight?

  7. Meant to add that you are very kind to Cuellar who is the wrong sort of consistent. He has played well in the first 2 games in each of his 2 spells in the side and been consistently poor in the rest. Also, not sure what has happened to Bardlsey who used to struggle but was a very solid defender. Now, we are conceding key goals when he just backs off and backs off. Happened again today for a goal that could hardly be more crucial.

  8. I think that is a bit hard on NDiaye. It is often said that it takes people a while to adjust to the speed of our league and I think he is doing this now. I think he could be very good.

  9. Lets hope Wigan don’t win at Arsenal, eh. Even if we stay up, something has to change.
    We just havent got the players that can put in a good performance consistently.

    Trouble is Ellis Short might not have thE heart for yet another clearout. LOADS of money has been spent at Sunderland with very little to show for it.
    NDaiye, Ji, Gardner, Bardsley, Larrson, Graham, Vaughn, Mcclean. Just not consistent performers, and if we had unlimited money, probably would all be for the axe.

    We desperately need a dynamic midfield. Catts coming back will help but he’s proved himself injury prone.
    I think midfield is where we’re losing it. We’re just getting bossed there.
    Our back four is OK, forward line is OK with Sess & Fletch back in. But, my word, do we need a midfield that can dictate games.

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