PDC’s stern headmaster act boosts our Spurs vs Sunderland ‘Guess the Score’

Jake imagines PDC's coaching technique
Jake imagines PDC’s coaching technique

Your chance to guess the score in the last game of the season and, just maybe, win a life-enhancing prize …

This is what Stan Collymore tweeted the other day after Arsenal had saved our bacon: “Spurs & Arsenal, the shootout on Sunday! We’ll be across every game,as the goals fly in on Super Sunday!”

The inference is that it is just a question of who scores the most goals – Arsenal at St James’ Park, Tottenham Hotspur against us and, though unmentioned, Chelsea at home to Everton. All that matters is who finishes 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Well, Sunderland have something to play for, too. That little thing called pride, but also position.

I loved these Sunderland Echo quotes from Paolo Di Canio, clearly regretting the abolition of corporal punishment but threatening detentions galore to players who fail to raise their game and produce a decent performance for the sakes of the club they represent, the travelling supporters whose passion and loyalty are beyond question … and their own self-esteem:

“I told them we can win, draw or lose with dignity, respecting the club’s name and the fans who follow them.

“But if not I will reduce their holiday. I will give them the minimum I can give to them, which is four weeks, 28 days instead of 38 or 40.

“We have to change the mentality … I’m sure four or five individuals don’t need this kind of situation. But many of the others must realise we need rules to change the mentality and use punishment in some way.”

Jake opens the can and finds PDC winning people over ...
Jake opens the can and finds PDC winning people over …

Read the full story at http://www.sunderlandecho.com/sport/sunderland-afc/safc-news/di-canio-sunderland-players-will-get-a-shorter-summer-break-if-they-don-t-perform-well-at-tottenham-1-5675323

In other words, and starting on Sunday when a really storming display could lift Sunderland several places depending on other results, the players have to show desire and discipline.

I expect lashings of both in your score predictions. Usual rules: I will come up with a mug, suitably redesigned if won by a Spurs fan or neutral, for the reader who is first to post the correct result before kickoff.

Last one of the season: have a go even if you’ve won so many mugs already that there’s no room left in the cupboard.

Monsieur Salut, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, by Matt

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Q (Salut! Sunderland): I take it there’s no one from our squad who’d be able to aspire to a place in your team.

A (Dan Fitch): Well, as I said, I rate Fletcher and I’m looking forward to Danny Rose coming back. I always thought that he should get more opportunities when Redknapp was manager.

Aside from those two though, I’m struggling to think of anyone. Maybe Johnson if the price was right.

19 thoughts on “PDC’s stern headmaster act boosts our Spurs vs Sunderland ‘Guess the Score’”

  1. Salut said “Surely one must be an own goal, Jeremy!”


  2. Sunderland’s season fizzles out with a 3-0.

    Danny Graham finally gets a goal: he tries to clear a Spurs corner but kicks it against Colback and then it ricochets back off Graham’s hip, in off the post, leaving Mignolet stranded.
    So, Defoe, Graham and Bale to score.

  3. Spurs 3 Sunderland 1

    Graham gets two goals for Sunderland in this dour end of season encounter. His first and his last.

  4. Like PDC’s style…..holidays cancelled if no effort… shows them who is boss.

    Spurs 2 SAFC 1…….they will need at least one to get the extra week off.

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