Be a Sunderland star: join the Salut! editing team

Jake says: 'the tension's unbearable'
Jake says: ‘the tension mounts’

The rewards, as ever,
must await you in heaven. No one makes a cent; such advertising as there is covers only part of the outgoings.

But Salut! Sunderland is in expansionist mood all the same. Hard on the heels of our recent milestone – two million “hits”, the second million having been accomplished twice as fast as the first – we are looking forward to a new season in which our performance improves as much as, we hope, the team’s does.

One way of helping us make Salut! Sunderland better would be for the work currently undertaken behind the scenes by Monsieur Salut, Malcolm Dawson, John McCormick and Steve Goldsmith to be shared more widely.

Each of those four individuals does what he can, chipping in with varying frequency to edit items submitted by our many contributors, post his own offerings or approve comments from readers posting for the first time and whose words are therefore held for moderation (we’re very liberal but, occasionally in the case of abusive or potentially libellous material, a comment is consigned to trash). But we all fit this labour of love into our daily lives. Sometimes, this means a delay; it doesn’t always matter but some material is time-sensitive.

This all involves applying judgement, doing some basic editing including the writing of introductions, correcting Sixer’s apostrophes (sorry, Pete), adding Jake’s images and showing a willingness to dream up incisive or witty headlines that actual encourage people to visit the site.

Some people enjoy writing for the site but would not readily take to helping out beneath the bonnet. New writers are always welcome. Go to the home page – – and click on any of the writers’ names shown directly above this banner …
banner1 .. to see the kind of thing that interests them and us.

And if you want to discuss how you can help, as a writer or editor, please contact us at

Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt

2 thoughts on “Be a Sunderland star: join the Salut! editing team”

  1. I alway’s get the a’postrophes’ in the right place. Its’ the other’s who dont’ know to do e’m.
    A mixture of anticipation and trepidation for today. I really have no idea how all this will turn out as I go into season 50 as a regular. In my first season, we won 2-0 at Leeds Road (Andy Kerr and George Mulhall). Similar score would satisfy me today.

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