Salut! Sunderland Podcast: what’s gone wrong with Ji Dong Won?


On time again, says Jake
On time again, says Jake

One of the most encouraging things about the live podcast last week was seeing many journo and editor types in the audience, writes Stephen Goldsmith. This was particularly pleasing as it meant I could remind them face to face about their assurances of featuring on the podcast.


James Hunter from the Evening Chronicle was one the recipients of this direct method and popped in to the studios to discuss all things SAFC. Being the Sunderland correspondent in a Newcastle paper, it was a change in environment for James, here he could witness Sunderland fans moaning instead of Newcastle fans goading over airports or housing estates that aren’t even in the same county. Gareth Barker and I were also joined by Craig Clark from over at Roker Report who sparked off a massive Phil Bardsley debate at the live pod last week. If he hadn’t have asked somebody else would have in all fairness.

Collectively, we discussed:

  • What’s gone wrong with Ji Dong Won?
  • Has something gone right with Connor Wickham?
  • Will the man “with the keys” ever arrive?
  • All things Crystal Palace with Jim Daly from the Five Year Plan podcast and fanzine.
  • Whether or not the final 15 minutes on Tuesday was the start of something new or simply down to superior fitness levels.

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7 thoughts on “Salut! Sunderland Podcast: what’s gone wrong with Ji Dong Won?”

  1. To think I thought Elmo was useless! Watching Ji [ and to a lesser extent, Wickham ] I realise that I’ve got to revise my opinion.

  2. I was extremely disappointed with Ji’s contribution against Southampton. Sitting just behind the goal in the Northampton Stand I watched him miss that glorious opportunity just after half time. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he then proceeded to make only two other notable contributions. Both resulted in him gifting the ball to the opposition who immediately attacked in dangerous positions. Otherwise, he strolled around the pitch as if he was Jim Baxter reincarnate. If only he possessed a modicum of the Scots’ skills, he might start to resemble a PL player. Unfortunately, he has provided no evidence of either the physical or technical skill required and seems to have no interest in providing anything like an energetic performance. Basically, he was a passenger throughout the second half against Southampton and we can’t afford passengers.

  3. I haven’t yet had an opportunity to listen to the debate, on the podcast.

    However, can I suggest that the question is changed from “What’s gone wrong with Ji Dong Won?” to Whatever has Ji Dong Won ever done to convince anyone he is a PL player?”

    He, clearly, lacks the heart and physicality required whilst not possessing enough skill to make it easy to overlook those shortcomings.

    Some SAFC supporters will, surely, cite his goal,against Man City as a reason that he should be persevered with.

    Again (IMHO) that is an irrelevance as it was, not only, offside but he only just managed to stay on his feet, after stumbling (because he managed to get them in a tangle) before scoring.

    I have yet to see him play in ANY game, for us, when he has not looked, totally, out of his depth and invited comments upon his shortcomings!

    • You’re right, Phil, but that would take away my little pun-esque thingy.

      Hope you get a chance to listen!

      • I always, thoroughly, enjoy the podcasts so will be catching up on this one later today/early tomorrow but just wanted to get my feelings, about Ji, off of my chest!

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