French Fancies, Swedish Blues, English stumblers

french top:shishaI looked in vain for a television channel available to me for the France vs Ukraine match. Since France is my country-in-law, I wanted them to win and was delighted that they did, even if it did reportedly take one goal that was clearly offside and another that was an own goal.

I looked in anguish occasionally at England stuttering and stumbling to another friendly defeat.

And I shared Seb Larsson’s disappointment at missing a decent chance only for Ronaldo to shoot upfield a few minutes later and score the first of a breathtaking hat-trick. Don’t like him but cannot quarrel with his class.

If you watched any of these games – or another of tonight’s internationals – and want to have your say, here’s as good a place as any to do so …

Monsieur Salut in Paris days, as seen by Matt
Monsieur Salut in Paris days, as seen by Matt

8 thoughts on “French Fancies, Swedish Blues, English stumblers”

  1. Eric. In your mind is he a more worthy World Cup Finalist than our own, our very own Sebastian Larsson.

    Larsson may win the vote for the nicest hair.

  2. I didn’t watch a single minute of England and was appalled when I got home at 11pm on Tuesday to find my son had spent £35 to gain entrance to Wembley to do so. As much as Ronaldo is a posturing poseur he is, in my opinion, the best player on the planet. 4 goals in 2 such high pressure games validates this. If you haven’t seen his 3 from Tuesday do so asap. Superb awareness, movement and finishing skill. The difference between the teams.

  3. I too wanted to watch the France v Ukraine match,its a mystery to me why it was not shown.

    The World Cup will not miss Sweden,who are very England like in their football.One England team is more than enough as we will have very little to show the world in ways of playing football.To be honest we are rather primitive.

    So I settled for the England game.I do not usually watch friendlies,but I was pleasantly surprised that it was a full blooded and entertaining encounter, which it always should be between these two nations.I hardly recognised any of a very young looking German team and until they scored against the run of play it the game looked England men against German boys.

    But the goal gave them confidence(like they needed it).The German’s passing and confidence in possession was indeed marvelous to behold,and we could learn a lot from that kind of assured play under pressure.England players seem far too quick to get the ball moved forward at all times.Sometimes you need to come back and start again.

    Poyet seems to like that style of play …so here’ hoping.

  4. I am glad you have come round to my view of the French disgrace of 2010 and agree that, on balance, Ronaldo has the edge over Seb. Just a shame he’s also a preening, posturing cheat”

    I am referring to the way they played rather than the way they behaved Salut. They were shocking last time out. I couldn’t possible agree more with the rest.


  5. I hope that our squad were watching England v Germany last night. If they were they would have seen a fine example of ” looking after the ball” . A master class of how to protect a lead by not allowing the opposition much possession.I look forward to the day when SAFC can do it as well as the Germans did last night.

  6. Sorry Jeremy. Planning what appears here around the possible delayed viewing arrangements of readers from Thunder Bay to Thorney Close, Serengeti to Shildon would be a challenge. Still, it’s annoying to have each bloody result flagged before you sit down to watch and I acknowledge my inadvertent infliction of your pain.

    I am glad you have come round to my view of the French disgrace of 2010 and agree that, on balance, Ronaldo has the edge over Seb. Just a shame he’s also a preening, posturing cheat.

  7. I haven’t see any of the games and coming on here ruined my enjoyment of watching the games without knowing the score. The French were a disgrace in the last World Cup, so lets hope they show better this time around, Anyone preferring Seb Larsson’s presence in Brazil over that of Ronaldo wants their head examined. Haven’t seen the England score and don’t really care that much about Woy or his team.

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