Podcast! Beating Man City and Bally banter…

Jake's going to be entertained listening to the pod during international break. Are you?
Jake’s going to be entertained listening to the pod during international break. Are you?

So then. This winning lark seems to be catching on. Three home wins on the bounce means that things are looking slightly more positive as we head into the international break. We’re in the quarter finals of the league cup which is nice. Also, fair play to the club for making tickets more than reasonable for what is a big game. We’re also three points from being right back in the mix with one of our relegation rivals to come. It’s all nicely poised and that’s greatly due to yet another victory over Manchester City.

We dissect the most recent win with The Chronicle’s James Hunter, who made his second pod appearance. We were also joined by Luke Ball, son of Kevin. We enjoyed his company and he gave us a slightly different angle on things which was nice. We also spend a bit of time talking about Bally and his most recent foray into interim management with the club.

We’ll be back next week with the Stoke preview, but you’ve got an entire week to enjoy this bad boy. You can get it on iTunes or listen/download it below. Enjoy!

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  1. I think there is a genuine reason to be optimistic. Apart from our last three wins, the defeat at Hull can almost certainly be explained by the idiotic behaviour of two players, who really need to take a long, hard look at themselves. I feel that with 11 players, we would got at least a point, probably three.
    Essentially, we need maintain our recent form till Christmas, and not get cut adrift. In the new year the programme, on paper at least, begins to look less formidable.
    Obviously a cup win against Chelski would be a bonus.

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