Poyetry in Motion from Aston Villa: ‘only thing missing was a goal’

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

In his post-match e-mail, Gus Poyet applauds a solid team performance, rues the great missed chance and hails John O’Shea’s insistence on seeing out the 0-0 draw at Villa Park with a groin injury …

Dear Colin,

Of course we will take the point but we did want three and we were playing for three.

I think that we created the best chances of the game to go out and get those three points, however, we didn’t get them, and so I will have to accept that.

Throughout the game we made it very difficult for the opposition, we competed, passed the ball and it was a very solid performance for the entire 90 minutes, therefore the outcome, as you expect it should be, was positive.

In recent away games we have performed for just one half or maybe struggled in certain areas on the pitch, today I was looking for a full performance from the whole team for 90 minutes and I think we got that.

The only thing missing was a goal, had we got that goal the players would have done exactly what I asked of them; played compact and solidly, as well as being brave enough to get forward and attack.

Jake says "nowts apiece!"
Jake says “nowts apiece!”

[On Giaccherini’s first half chance] On another day, maybe that would have gone in, it’s the situation that we’re in. He mis-hit it and it went over the top, it was unfortunate.

We’re looking like a better team; we need to continue to improve.

Next up there are two games at home. These are important for us because we know the fans there will push us and get behind us – I know they are against Chelsea and Tottenham but we have to have belief going into games with these teams.

John [O’Shea] injured his groin late in the game, he knew we’d made all three changes and he stuck in there, he put himself on the line for the game, which is magnificent. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious and he will be available on Wednesday.

All the best,

Gus Poyet

9 thoughts on “Poyetry in Motion from Aston Villa: ‘only thing missing was a goal’”

  1. There’s time left Keith just so long as we don’t squander opportunities when they come. We’ve done that too often when we have had the chance. 2 points were missing from the Villa game and although there’s a welcome improvement,. things may not appear so rosy after the Chelsea and Spurs games.

  2. We went away from home and played as well as we have all season, progression is all we can hope for, an analysis of the remaining games would give a best case scenario of 36pts will it be enough? We have improved greatly since the arrival of GP but is there sufficient time left?

  3. No Vince it isn’t Poyet’s fault. You are right but we are not scoring much and when guilt edge chances are squandered it’s time to worry.

    • Bit harsh Jeremy.Giaccherini should have scored and Borini came close…not Poyet’s fault.Would be nice to get Fletcher more chances though I’d agree…but its a work in progress…..not forgetting he dropped AJ…got to be a big plus in Gus’ favour there.

  4. Baby steps.Watched the highlights on Sky and we looked solid enough.It is something to build on ,we have had 2 home wins and now a rare away point,so it is going in the right direction for now.

    Funny thing is as Poyet said,we got 6 points vs Man City and some other team and none vs Stoke and Hull,which no one expected.Football is indeed very hard to predict.

    But I certainly am happier than the day Poyet arrived.

  5. We had one shot on target in that game and a few good chances. Perhaps it is time to hang some dart board targets from the cross bar in different key positions and heights in practice and the players have to call for the target they will hit. Each puts a fifty pound note into the kitty and the one who can hit the targets he nominates picks up the kitty at the end of training They might actually learn to get the ball withing the outline of the posts even if they are not consistent with their shooting

    Hell with their incomes they could put £500 in to make it interesting.

    Read more: http://hammertimeschat.proboards.com/thread/12764/villa?page=1&scrollTo=113852#ixzz2mCoZkMfl

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