Sunderland crisis: the role of fans who ‘made me proud at Hull’

The Brains Trust, by Jake
The Brains Trust, by Jake

We just knew the name – Peter Lynn – was familiar. Obviously not Tom, whose contributions are always valued, but it rang a bell. Peter reminds us that he once cajoled Salut! Sunderland into making e-mail feeds more easy to use, or just possible to use (most of us wouldn’t have a clue where to start). Here, out of the blue or a result of our collective Blues, is his take on current woes …

So our new coach
now knows what he has to work with and that what he has is not good enough. Some people may say that we didn’t need to employ him to find that out but nevertheless he has given many of the present squad at least one chance.

My own opinion, looking at all the teams from midtable down, is that there is little to choose between any of us. We just happen to be bottom, due in part to an unkind fixture list but mainly due to our inability to play at the required level for a whole game. Hence his recent “player assessments” which I am sure would hold no surprises for most of us.

So maybe we will be able to bring in some better players in January, despite the lack of appeal that Sunderland AFC presently hold for prospective employees.

In the meantime, as Gus has highlighted, there are points at stake. To remain in touch – or, more accurately since the weekend – get back in touch, we simply have to get points.

If we believe (as I do) that there is not a lot between our players and the other struggling teams’ players, then I think we, the crowd, can make a difference.

Lots of clubs say they have brilliant supporters but ours really are outstanding. Anyone lucky enough to have witnessed our supporters during the entire second half at Hull knows it. Down to nine men with not a prayer of a chance, yet the noise from “our end” was incredible and non-stop. I felt privileged to be there and join in.

This is what is needed from us and I think is quite logical:

If you have gone to the game you are already committed and might as well show that by joining in “The Roar” when we are moving forward; when we have strung passes together, even if across the pitch or backwards, join in the applause; when one of our defence has made a saving tackle or save join in the roar/applause.

If you are going to sing, please make it a song about Sunderland, or our players, not about Steven Taylor or Alan Shearer. Imagine you were one of our players, would that inspire you? Songs about people nowhere near the ground?

I realise some of you reading this will think “Why?”, we have been so let down over the season, over the years or – in my case – over decades.

Here’s “Why?”. I care. This is my club. I will not look back at the end of the season and wish I had “done better”.

Keep the Faith.

Peter on himself: It is my first contribution although I have read Salut! Sunderland for a long while and you were good enough to help me when I was struggling to forward your articles to my sons. (I have since mastered copying and pasting!!!).

4 thoughts on “Sunderland crisis: the role of fans who ‘made me proud at Hull’”

  1. Love the optimism guys, but I’m struggling to identify these lesser teams I keep reading about who are worse than us. We need up up our game seriously and cut out the self inflicked errors or we are doomed.

  2. Itend to agree, Malcolm, but if the Gods of football, referees, and just about everything else associated with the beautiful game continues to pee on us from a great height, we might well be stuck with bottom spot ( an affliction I wish on Kevin Friend regularly) come May.

  3. I still think we will OK come the end of the season. Not because we are in a false position (we clearly are not) but there are other clubs who are even worse than we are and in theory we have plenty of games we should get something from. Mind you if we lose on Saturday I might have to change my view. We’ve already missed good chances by not being able to beat Fulham, Hull and Palace but we’ve plenty of games left against the poorer sides. Those are the games where the team should pick up enough points to ensure survival. It’s not like me to be optimistic but I think they will.

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