Podcast! A week of wins leave us dreaming of Wembley…

Jake has Wembley fever.
Jake has Wembley fever.

It’s been a fairly interesting week at Sunderland. With a number of victories, both on and off the pitch, we’ve been left dreaming of Wembley and a better future. The dreaded transfer window is also in full swing and it’s really kicked into gear for us in the last few days.

This week’s podcast times itself perfectly with respect to all of those issues. We didn’t mean to do it that way, we generally record on a Thursday. But the latest edition of Wise Men Say is an absolute beast when it comes to content. I don’t think we’ve ever managed to squeeze so many guests into one program.

We kick off by hearing from Michael Brunskill from the FSF over the recent bubble trip controversy. We discuss the resolution and issues moving forward. It’s all pretty hopeful. We were joined in the studio by The Chronicle’s Sunderland reporter, James Hunter and Martyn McFadden from A Love Supreme.

Jake: 'gerrin ....'
Jake: ‘gerrin ….’

As I mentioned, transfer stories seem to be picking up. We have a couple of phone guests to help us out on that front, too. Brighton blogger ‘Jabsco’ gives us an in depth analysis of Liam Bridcutt. Probably the most obvious transfer target ever. Thursday was a hectic day for tenuous Argentinian player links. Helping us out on that front was the Mirror’s Ed Malyon, who has a bit of gen on this trio of Argies.

So you can get it at all the usual places. Where you ask? Soundcloud and iTunes, of course!


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1 thought on “Podcast! A week of wins leave us dreaming of Wembley…”

  1. When you’re discussing the burst bubble you ask what the police’s next move will be, e.g. banning fans.

    They could apply to shut the pubs within 2-3 miles of the ground. Given that most of those convicted of offences after the last SJP derby had not been to the game and had been drinking it would seem some landlords, not to mention their customers, were in breach of the law. It is illegal to serve alcohol to persons who are under the influence.

    Of course this would not be contemplated. Punishing those who are innocent as well as guilty by depriving honest landlords of their livelihood and honest drinkers of their pleasure is unthinkable.

    But when it comes to sober football fans who just want to go to a match and support their team……

    Another good podcast, gentlemen.

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