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Whatever will be, will be, thinks Jake
Whatever will be, will be, thinks Jake

Well, it’s finally here. I’ll keep this brief because I’m sure there have been so many words written and spoken about our impending glory/dismay. We got together at the The Isis pub in Sunderland for our second live edition of Wise Men Say.

You could tell there was that air of nervous tension about the final. But once the microphones were put down at the end of the evening, it dawned on me what was actually going to happen. In 48 hours time or so I’d be in London, probably drunk and definitely nervous. It will be my first cup final as a Sunderland supporter. I remember exactly where I was in 1992, funnily enough. I was with three of my best friends at the time. I was in Dickens play area. I was eight years old and had no interest in football.

Now, 22 years on, I sat next to a man talking about our only cup final since then. He was instrumental in that last cup run. 22 years is a long time. Less time had elapsed between the 73 triumph and that 92 cup final. That’s pretty incredible to think about in some ways, too.

Joining us to talk about the only thing on the whole of Sunderland’s mind was former Sunderland midfielder Gordon Armstrong, The Sunderland Echo’s Chris Young and A Love Supreme Fanzine editor Martyn McFadden. It’s a bumper edition, and something worth saving for your long bus journey to the capital.

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Gareth Barker

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