Podcast! Daring to dream once more…

Jake is daring to dream again, are you?
Jake is daring to dream again, are you?

So then. You’d think we’d be on a massive downer from the weekend wouldn’t you? I’m sure there are many neutral fans who tuned into Sunday’s Capital One Cup Final, saw us defeated, and felt for us. They’ll be gutted. But no! Yes, there was a level of disappointment. We lost in a cup final which is never pleasant. But for a number of reasons, last weekend was a winner. The lads on the pitch did us proud for starters. Then there’s the weekend itself. Many people you’ll speak to will tell you that their Wembley trip was part of the best weekend’s of their lives. It certainly was the case for me. It was just magnificent. It was a weekend that really cemented in the relationship between the club and it’s supporters after the recent foundations put on by Poyet and his team.

As a result, the podcast this week is pretty upbeat. We have a good reminisce about our time in the Capital, along with the usual match analysis. We wax lyrical about a number of top performers on the day including Messrs Cattermole and Borini. We also preview our next game as usual, and it’s a huge one. I don’t want to wait another 22 years for a Wembley return and we do have an excellent chance of progressing this weekend against Steve Bruce’s Hull City. We get a view on their situation and approach from the excellent Matt Rudd from The Amber Nectar. He’s enthusiastic and really drills home the importance of the often derided (by some) FA Cup.

Then in the studio we have pod regulars in the shape of Tom Lynn, contributor to every decent fanzine under the sun. There was also Gary Foster from The Shield’s Gazette. Then there was Goldy of course, and me. It’s over an hour of chat this week, so clear your diaries and get involved!

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