Guess the Score: can we save our season at Manchester United?


The answer to the question posed in the headline, logically, is No.

Sunderland have done brilliantly in the league cup and in recent Premier League games. We all hope and hope again that Saturday might bring at least one point and maybe three.

But we are up against a team revitalised by the David Moyes sacking and the choice of Ryan Giggs as interim coach.

The proof of the challenge for Gus Poyet may have to be produced by a combination of the results of Norwich, Cardiff and Fulham – and our own performances in the final games, at home to WBA and Swansea.

Poyet knows that, too, and it may be our best tool at Old Trafford. The players’ confidence is sky-high after seven points from City, Chelsea and Cardiff. But no one needs to jump off the cliff if we cannot get a point or more from yet another away game to an elite club.

Guess the Score. What we need is for CSB to come trumps yet again and with a scoreline favourable to the Lads. I already owe him four mugs.

But everyone has a right to enter. A MUFC winner would receive a mug with a suitably amended design.

Usual rules apply. Be first before kickoff to post the corrects score and you are the winner.

Here's one we made earlier (two sides of the same one)
Here’s one we made earlier (two sides of the same one)

Not the richest prize incentive in the world but the best we can currently do.

Ha’way the Lads. Just imagine how you, the Lads, would make us feel on Saturday night if you clawed out a result.

Matt's cartoon (cherished by M Salut), as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon (cherished by M Salut), as adapted by Jake

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17 thoughts on “Guess the Score: can we save our season at Manchester United?”

  1. Well I was willing the 5th one in last week as I rightly predicted an “I was there” sellout, but wrongly predicted a 5-0 drubbing of the red devils 🙂 This week I’ll go for a squeaky bum 1-0 away win (can’t choose between a Borini pen or a Wickham header) anyway time for a bit of posture pinching training

  2. I cannot see a Man U 1 – 3 Sunderland. So, that is my suggestion. Normally, I only read these. I feel our bad days against these so called big teams is coming to an end. I have faith in Gus Poyet.
    I am worried Lee Cattermole (in whom I trusted a lot over the years), may get sent off, PLEASE DON’T CATTS!
    Just been reading his comments, and it got me worried. I love Lee, and think he is a great player to have on board. A North East guy, and we have a few. But, he is also an all in or all out person, like myself.
    C’mon Sunderland, kill that Man Utd history and make something new!

  3. I just looked down the right-hand column and saw we are 9th in the Soccerstats hit list, just behind a Real Madrid site ( )

    It doesn’t mean there are only 8 football websites that get more hits, of course – only those that bother to sign up are listed.

    But how can a piddling website like this, championing a great club that normally has a failing team, rise so high?

    As I asked earlier, about the terrific growth of membership at the Facebook group, is it masochism, blind faith and sheer passion?

    Oh and my second scoreline is MUFC 0 SAFC 3 (medication arranged)

  4. Non-winnable entry: loyalty rules – MUFC 2 SAFC 3. I certainly think we – and they – will score

  5. I’m still employing my little reverse run of luck. For those that care, for the first time ever ,I picked Sunderland to lose away to City and we turned in a fantastic performance . I’ve employed this ‘ strategy ‘ in every match since and we come up trumps , so here I go. Man Utd 2 Sunderland 0 .

  6. I’m going to use my reverse logic (almost successful) again and go for 3-1 to Man U. I was only one goal out v Chelsea.

  7. Man Utd 2 – 2 SAFC, fine form continues and another point gained.

    Mind you the tea leaves were a bit wishy-washy this time and I think Michaels prediction may be closer to the mark.

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