Jake commemorated Sunderland’s Tutankhamun, a Lee Cattermole goal. Then things got serious


We may as well indulge in some gallows humour.

Keir Bradwell’s Easter homework could get in the way of his ratings out of 10. Expect a few minuses once he is able to oblige.

And Sixer – just imagine what his journey back north from London N17 must have been like, too late even for fish and chips at Wetherby unless they stay open a lot longer than seems possible – had already warned us he would be unable to rush into prose, declaring several days ago: “Report on Spurs will not be done until Tuesday evening – if I want to write about a dismal defeat.”

So we are left in the good hands of our illustrator-in-chief Jake.

“When Cattermole scored I intended doing a lighthearted blue plaque to commemorate that, but after that second half capitulation I don’t think anybody’s in the mood for lightheartedness….,” he wrote.

But I was intrigued so encouraged him. Hence the first of his images (above).

And then this is his second …Surrender(1)

1 thought on “Jake commemorated Sunderland’s Tutankhamun, a Lee Cattermole goal. Then things got serious”

  1. Surrender I’m afraid has connotations of dignity and pride, what went on at White Heart Lane last night was complete and utter capitulation, without pride or dignity.

    Not for the first time this season, and almost definitely not for the last time bearing in mind who we still have to play, we just laid down and died and got duly slaughtered by a team not even having to try that hard.

    Our defending was comical, how some of these players can call themselves professionals beggars belief.

    But in perspective when you look at real tragedy that happens on an almost daily basis at some location in the world its all pretty much small beer.

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