Brazil 2014: a top reason for wishing Algeria well, but who else?


From my French-Algerian electronic friend in Paris,
Fahim Medjadji, come congratulations to “sonder land” on you know what and a look at the new Algeria World Cup top he is marketing.

I think it is excellent enough to warrant adding Algeria to my list of potential countries to support in Brazil.

So far we’ve had Sixer opting for Greece, since one of his brothers lives there, Keir Bradwell eyeing Chile, Paul Dobson and at least one other (it escapes my mind who) going for Belgium and someone at Twitter urging Australia. the USA, of course, has Sunderland’s only full employee in its squad, one Jozy Altidore. I don’t think we can count South Korea because of Ki.

So, unless it’s England or no one for you, who will you be rooting for, be it as a second choice first?

Matt's cartoon as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon as adapted by Jake

3 thoughts on “Brazil 2014: a top reason for wishing Algeria well, but who else?”

  1. Germany because I’ve enjoyed watching the Bundesliga highlights. Korea for Ki & Ji. USA for Altidore’s goals. Holland because it’s got the best National anthem.

  2. Germany. Obviously the outlying candidates. They will give the hosts a run for their money, which is more than England will do;.

    Muller and Rumenigge in the final 2-0.

  3. It’s the Orange Machine for me, home to RVB and MVG for you darts afficianados. Come on you Cloggies.

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