Brazil 2014: vote for the second team of your choice

World Cup fever gripping Campo Retro
World Cup fever gripping Campo Retro

Right, this is a semi-serious attempt
to reach a World Cup decision.

We naturally wish England especially well, or most of us do, and it would indeed be marvellous to see Roy Hodgson lead Jordan and Co to as advanced a stage of the tournament as possible up to and including the final.

But Salut! Sunderland will unofficially adopt another country as second team. Regard it as your first if you really loathe England.

People have already expressed preferences: Greece, Algeria, Germany, Chile, Belgium and so on. I shall regard those as votes already cast.

Can everyone else, or as many as can be bothered, nominate their choice below?

I will then twist Jake’s arm to dream up something appropriate to illustrate our support.

Ha’way Someone Else’s Lads.

Here is a poll I just created. Observant readers will notice that Brazil is missing. I am allowed only 30 possibilities so the host country seemed the only obvious one to omit. I will make up for it by saying at every opportunity that Brazil remains an option and you can vote for in Comments.

Who should be Salut! Sunderland’s second team in Brazil? free polls 

And meanwhile, here’s a message from our regular collaborators in competitions and the like, Campo Retro:

We should see World Cup fever start to properly kick in with this weekend’s friendlies so were asking the question: Classic Retro or Retro Reinvented? Can’t pick? Get both from Campo Retro and get them delivered for FREE!


8 thoughts on “Brazil 2014: vote for the second team of your choice”

  1. Uruguay is a good call Jake, particularly in the absence of our good friends from Paraguay this time around.

  2. Yes I know Suarez plays for them but we MUST choose Uruguay! For Gus, for their smiling, avuncular and GENUINE SOCIALIST president José Mujica(take note Millithing!) and the smiling sun in the corner of their flag.

  3. And my daughter spent time there, since when I’ve developed an appreciation of Chilean red wine.

  4. My case for Chile is thus:

    1. Chile are South American. It’d be wrong to not have a second team from that continent as that’s where the World Cup is being held.

    2. Chile apparently play good football, which is always nice.

    3. Chile have a very tough group, and if they finish second they will, in all likelihood, play Brazil in the next round, so we’re cheering on the underdogs.

    4. Chile have some great players (Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal) which deserve to do well.

    5. Chile play in red and white, sort of. Red, blue and white home kit, white & blue away kit.

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