Keir’s Player Ratings: end-of-season bumper issue combining WBA and Swansea

Jake: maybe life is looking brighter, Keir'
Jake: maybe life is looking brighter, Keir’

In this, Keir Bradwell‘s final ratings of the season, he combines our final two games into a special end-of-season bumper edition, a la that other fine media outlet, The Beano. We see the survival job done against the Baggies and the team revert to form for our final game …

Sunderland 2 – 0 West Brom: Player Ratings

Vito Mannone – 7

Did very well with what little he had to deal with. An assured performance and a welcome clean sheet.

Santiago Vergini – 8

Excellent. Just keeps improving, game after game. He’s certainly making a case to be our first-choice right-back next year, although I’d probably rather have a natural one in his place. Nevertheless, he’s been wonderful recently.

Jake: 'phew'
Jake: ‘phew’

Wes Brown – 7

Like Mannone, didn’t have much to do, especially in the first half, but did his job when required. Solid.

John O’Shea – 8

Quality captain’s performance from O’Shea. Defended excellently all game, and ultimately lead the team to the victory that saw Sunderland safe from relegation.

Marcos Alonso – 8

Set up the first goal with a wonderful run and a brilliant cross, and like the rest of his defence, easily dealt with West Brom’s attacks.

Lee Cattermole – 9

Controlled the game from central midfield. His all round game is becoming excellent, now. On the night he was helping out both in defence and attack with his new-found range of passing and well-timed tackles.

Seb Larsson – 9

Made an absolutely incredible pass for Borini’s goal, and as is becoming the norm, worked tirelessly, running up and down the pitch to help out, all game.

Jack Colback – 8

I don’t think he’s the best of our midfielders, nor, arguably, in our top three, but Colback did well again tonight, scoring the crucial opener to let Sunderland take control of the game. The only problem I have with Colback is that he tends to drift out of games quite a lot as he did towards the end of this one. Nevertheless, I hope we can get him a new contract before he leaves on a free during the summer.

Adam Johnson – 6

Quiet. He seems to have been the only player not to improve in form in the run of wins that we’ve had. Used to create far more and attack his fullback, but now tends to sit back nearer the half-way line and cut in. Perhaps a pre-season will do him the world of good.

Fabio Borini – 8

Scored our second with a top-class finish after a beautiful assist by Seb Larsson. He’s been one of our most consistent players all season and his recent run of form continues.

Connor Wickham – 6

Was left isolated up front in the second half, and looked very tired. Is still a very useful physical presence in attack, mind.
Liam Bridcutt – 6

Calmed the nerves and generally settled everything down with time running out for West Brom.

Jozy Altidore – 6

Missed a brilliant chance in horrific fashion late on in the game, but apart from that, wasn’t involved in the game for long enough to play much of a part in it.

Emanuele Giaccherini – 6

Only came on late, so didn’t really have anything to do.

Sunderland 1 – 3 Swansea: Player Ratings

Jake: that's SAFC
Jake: that’s SAFC


Vito Mannone – 5

Conceded three, which is never a good thing. Avoided making many mistakes but it’s difficult to give someone who let three in a particularly high rating.

Santiago Vergini – 8

He’s brilliant. For a central defender, he gets forward all the time and is very capable of tackling a fast winger down his side of the pitch, as well as whipping in a cross down the other end. Another excellent performance from the Argentine.

Wes Brown – 3

Like O’Shea, he had an absolutely awful start. You could argue they were collectively at fault for the first two goals, too. Very poor.

John O’Shea – 3

As above, started far too slowly and let the rest of his team down. Extremely disappointing.IMG_3573

Phil Bardsley – 3

Woeful. I’d have thought he’d have wanted to make a good last impression as a Sunderland player in what will surely be his last game for the club, but evidently not. Incredibly weak, with lacklustre passing and, frankly, effort.

Liam Bridcutt – 4

Slow, sloppy, lazy and weak. Lee Cattermole in.

Seb Larsson – 5

Average. Didn’t achieve anything, really, at all. It seems his form has finally gone back to normal. I’d not give him a new contract, personally.

Jack Colback – 4

Extremely quiet. Produced nothing, offered nothing. Similarly, perhaps a new contract is not the best idea…

Adam Johnson – 6

Did well, but didn’t stand out. Whipped in a few decent crosses, created a few chances, but the quality of those were inconsistent. This team seems very tired after the run of results we had. In a way, it’s hard to blame them.

Fabio Borini – 7

Scored a lovely little header to get us back into the game, but it ultimately counted for little, other than that he reached double figures for the season. I really hope he stays. A cracking young player to have on our books. I think we’d miss him otherwise.

Connor Wickham – 5

Just couldn’t get into the game, which is understandable given the amount of fixtures we’ve had to play over recent weeks. A summer break should do him the world of good.

Ondrej Celutska – 5

Didn’t really do much at all, other than one or two half-decent crosses into their area late on.

Jozy Altidore – 5

Almost scored what would’ve been a wondergoal, but otherwise had a pretty poor game. I still cling on to faint hopes of him improving next year into a Premier League quality centre-forward, but I can’t see it.

El-Hadji Ba – 6

He’s grown! Offered a welcome physical presence in the midfield and looked sharp. Was very impressed with him, especially given the little amount of time he had on the pitch. I’d like to see him play a lot more next year, certainly.


2 thoughts on “Keir’s Player Ratings: end-of-season bumper issue combining WBA and Swansea”

  1. You give Wickham a 6 against West Brom. Had he scored I bet you would have given him a 9 at least. I have to confess that until his return from Leeds, I thought Wickham’s contribution to the cause was negligible at best. I still wait for long term evidence but I am seeing signs that he has turned a corner and could become a decent player for us.

    Against West Brom I was impressed with him. When Colback scored the opening goal it was a result of Wickham’s run to the left corner, dragging the two centre backs out of position leaving backtracking midfield players trying to cover. The goal was as much the result of Wickham’s run as Alonso’s cross and Colback’s finish.

    For me one of the biggest areas of improvement we have seen recently is in movement off the ball. Not always easy to quantify but had Wickham been static throughout that move Colback wouldn’t have had the time and space to score.

    • I had an awards do the evening of the West Brom game, so missed about the first 40 mins or so, caught up via replays, hence why I missed that.
      Overall though, I think he’s been brilliant. Physical and fast, young too. His contract expires soon though so I hope we can get him a new one asap

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