Who are You? awards: Hull, Norwich, Manchester United make the early running

Jake demanded lots of answers and got them
Jake demanded lots of answers and got them

Sunderland’s powerful cup runs meant that this season’s tally of “Who are You?” interviews climbed to one short of 50 if my calculations are correct.

Salut! Sunderland takes pride in the series and thanks each and every one of the opposing supporters who took the trouble – in at least one case for both the home and away fixtures against their clubs – to answer our questions. There is not a huge amount in it for them, the questionnaire is long and there’s often a panicky “are you still on the case?” e-mail from Monsieur Salut to contend with. But the results are at least seen by many, supporters of their own clubs as well as Sunderland fans.

As usual, there are prizes for the best as decided by a ragged band of judges. I gave each of those invited to participate in the awards process a shortlist of about 10 – even whittling it down that far was difficult – but made it clear my guidance should be ignored by anyone with a strong preference for an interview not mentioned.

Judging has started and, from the early returns, I can say that entries from Melissa Rudd (Norwich City), Raich Carter Junior (Hull City) and Pete Molyneux (Man Utd) are attracting support. Click on any of those three names to see why they are contenders.

But others are still in the hunt and there are likely to be further twists before the final first/second/third selection emerges. Indeed, since posting this piece, the excellent interview with of Anthony Ashton, a Spurs fan who actually attended the famous 1998 playoff final with Mackem friends, has won its first votes.

A randomly chosen example of Soccerpro's wares
A randomly chosen example of Soccerpro’s wares
The first prize will $200 worth of gear chosen from the online store of the US sportswear suppliers soccerpro.com. See what they have for sale at http://www.soccerpro.com/

Further prizes will be:

WSC's Brazil 2014 t-shirt
WSC’s Brazil 2014 t-shirt

* a year’s subscription to the much more than half-decent football magazine When Saturday Comes, or a choice of top. Check out the possibilities at

Campo Retro knows how to mark FA Cup final week in a way SAFC fans would appreciate
Campo Retro knows how to mark FA Cup final week ina way SAFC fans would appreciate
* From our friends at Campo Retro, your choice of a top from the current range.

* Possibly one other to be announced. If there is a fourth prize, it will be an editor’s special selection awarded to an interviewee from outside the final top three.

Matt's cartoon (cherished by M Salut), as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon (cherished by M Salut), as adapted by Jake

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  1. Some crackers this year, invariably you remember the most recent ones , Pete Molynuex’s was very humorous , honourable mention to Kevin Miles ( them…….) but my winner is Raich Junior , you could almost feel the passion and history , witty also .Just a side point , we’ve played 49 games this season and yet still drew 45,000+ fans for a dead rubber end of season game , could either of BT Sports viewers be contacted to see whether the station praised our attendance for that game or for the season as a whole? They were quick to condem us for the Southampton cup game , a game they were showing, in the week most of us paid a fortune booking the Wembley trip in the League cup. Beware , we never forget !

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