Brazil 2014: USA, Uruguay and Belgium lead our poll

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With just a few days left
before the kickoff in Rio, Jozy Altidore’s USA continue to lead – by a substantial margin – our poll to find an honorary second country to support in the World Cup.

Of 237 votes cast last time I looked, 26 per cent had gone to the USA, with Gus Poyet’s Uruguay closest behind on 14 per cent and Belgium on 10.

There is a cluster of teams on five per cent – in order Italy, Australia, Chile and Agentina – which means that all the cheerleading on behalf of Chile by Keir Bradwell, our young marks-out-10 players’ ratings specialist, has so far been in vain.

The pecking order is altered by one of the few rules of the poll: no country from England’s group can be considered until and unless Roy Hodgson’s squad is eliminated. So the leaders remain USA but are, for now, followed by Belgium, Oz and Keir’s Chile. Uruguay and Italy’s supporters must be patient.

Vote now if you have not voted already. You can click “view” to see the current levels of support for each country:

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World Cup fever gripping Campo Retro
World Cup fever gripping Campo Retro

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