England’s likely exit leaves only Poyet’s victors (or the USA) to support

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OK, not quite out mathematically. Two more Italian victories, England beating Costa Rica, with the right combination of scorelines, would see us through if my maths is right. But still not a great night to be English …

Until England went behind just before half-time,
a draw seemed the least to expect from a mostly scrappy match. Uruguay occasionally ruffled feathers in the England defence but the best approach work and attacking moments had been at the other end.

A piece of Luis Suarez magic suddenly made even a draw appear optimistic. Previously quiet, he utterly lost Phil Jagielka to head in Cavani’s cross expertly.

There were further spells of deep anxiety as the second half opened to a flurry of Uruguayan attacking menace.

After a lot of England huffing and puffing, and more than a little desperate diving, the equaliser finally came when Wayne Rooney, who had hit the crossbar in the first half, tapped in Glen Johnson’s cross after excellent work by Sturridge.

That draw looked back on and, with it, salvation. There was even hope of a winner. – until a simple headed pass from a goal kick put Suarez clean through. He was never going to miss and didn’t.

Jake tried his best
Jake tried his best

Bye bye England, in all probability. They didn’t play too badly in either defeat but just weren’t good enough, and it was in the end a meekish exit against, Suarez apart, fairly modest opposition.

So do we now support the USA, with or without Jozy, because our readers – perhaps boosted by a lot of votes from people across the Atlantic who are not necessarily regular readers – voted them Salut! Sunderland‘s second team? Or we do we swallow our pride and root for Uruguay (second-placed in the poll) in honour of Gus Poyet?

Have your say on why we’re out, what you feel about it, who did well and who didn’t for England and to whom, if anyone, we should now switch allegiance. At least Spain beat us put of the tournament.

Matt's cartoon as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon as adapted by Jake

3 thoughts on “England’s likely exit leaves only Poyet’s victors (or the USA) to support”

  1. Our diving was embarrassing. In fact not even diving, more flopping as the Americans call it.

  2. Must say I was not too unhappy with the go that England gave it….. we were beaten by the very classy movement & finishing of a top quality striker. He’s provided us with top quality viewing all Premier League Season, so why be surprised now. No antics ala Sturridge style so whats all the carryon about…. good luck to them, I say

  3. Early exit because of defensive deficiencies. Dodgy keeper and two fullbacks, who although decent going forward, cannot defend. Jagielka and Cahill make Brown and O’Shea look halfway decent. Lack of creativity in midfield and a forward line who are all good Prem players but are sadly lacking on the world stage. Compare Sturridge, Welbeck and Rooney to Van Persie, Suarez and Robben!! Sterling was found out tonight and Barkley wasn’t given enough time to make a big impression. All in all, a poor showing by our so called “stars”. My allegiance is still with the Orange Machine. Kom ep je cloggiies.

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