As Belgium faces the USA, Salut! Sunderland’s allegiance depends on outcome

Jake: still struggling to adopt the cause
Jake: still struggling to adopt the cause

The two sets of players and officials
, and most fans, will never know it. But tonight’s game between the USA and Belgium has something resting on its result beyond a place in the past eight of Brazil 2014.

With or without Jozy Altidore, the USA were voted by readers as Salut! Sunderland‘s honorary second team in the World Cup. It doesn’t matter whether the majority of the votes came from Miami, Seattle and New York, cast by people who support SAFC only because of Jozy or do not support us at all but heard about the poll.

In second place stand, or rather stood, Uruguay. Then come Belgium.

So with England out early, that leaves the USA as our World Cup side. With Uruguay now out, Belgium are second.

After yesterday’s pulsating France vs Nigeria and Algeria vs Germany games – oh how Algeria deserved better on their wonderful first-half performance, but it was a very good match – let us see what tonight brings. We could wake up as Belgium supporters, sort of. Since France is my country-in-law, I am naturally ducking out of the process and shouting for Les Bleus.

It’s only a spot of fun, but if you don’t like the way voting in our poll has gone,do you bit to rectify it now but put eliminated countries out of your mind as you vote (I don’t feel technologically up to trying to fiddle with the way the present 30-nation poll, ie everyone except the hosts and England, appears)…

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  1. You’re only delaying the inevitable. Eventually you will have to vote for the Orange Machine. KOM EP JE CLOGGIES!

  2. The next vote cast takes up to 500, which is more than the sample for some opinion polls I’ve seen

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