Summer Gold update: Tasmin Archer is still Sunderland’s Sleeping Satellite

It was a treat to re-read Tasmin Archer’s interview, now seven years old and therefore from the infancy of Salut! Sunderland. But Tasmin was quick to point out, when asked to update anything that needed updating, that her commitment to Sunderland AFC, far from wavering, has taken on a new dimension.

Tasmin is now an ambassador for the Foundation of Light, registered charity of SAFC. Early days; she has still to be summoned to an event. But Salut! Sunderland is delighted at the club’s choice of her in this role and will choose to believe, until corrected, that the invitation came about indirectly as a result of that long-ago interview.

It seemed a good idea to get the West Stand chanteuse to tell us a little more. Here is the short-and-sharp Q&A:

How did this amabassador role come about and what does it entail?

They sent me an email and asked me to be an Ambassador. All it means is help promote their events and go to a few functions. I haven’t been to one as yet.

How often do you manage to get up to games, homes or away?

I’m still a season ticket holder and I go to all the home games. We don’t go to as many away ones… as we don’t get much chance these days.

Did you make it to Wembley and how much of the Great Escape were you able to witness first hand? Give us your summary of a remarkable season

Yes I went to Wembley and it was a great day out, apart from the result. Yes it was a very interesting incident packed season. For want of a better cliché it was a bit of a roller coaster. I must admit I was resigned to relegation prior to the last half dozen games and I’ve never know anything like that.

Your assessment of the job Gus is doing

Gus did okay when he first came in and then there was a slump and then the miracle. I guess it could go either way; the squad isn’t exactly looking strong at the moment but fingers crossed.

Any update on music, life generally!

We work at home in Leeds most of the time, writing.

Matt's cartoon as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon as adapted by Jake
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