West Bromwich Albion vs SAFC: the return of Guess the Score

Jake's new Guess the Score image,  with the usual insolent caption
Jake’s new Guess the Score image, with the usual insolent caption
Well, the season is about to start.

Let us kick off a new series of Guess the Score, the competition which sometimes sees Salut! Sunderland offering, with a straight face, a mug as the winner’s prize … and sometimes offering nothing, not even the guarantee of reward in heaven.

On Saturday, whatever team Gus Poyet has decided will see him through until further reinforcements arrive – and also pending any departures – enters the fray at the Hawthorns, not a great place for Sunderland to visit in recent seasons.

We all know a good start, namely at least a draw, is important with tough home games (Man Utd and Spurs) to follow and the trip to QPR sandwiched between them.

Jake's first matchday banner of the new season
Jake’s first matchday banner of the new season

Monsieur Salut is considering a new supplier for mugs, and details remain unresolved, so we will make this a just-for-fun edition of Guess the Score. Baggies fans are very welcome to join in. No prize, so no need for rules.

But as a road test for the products offered by the supplier I have in mind – the key being to reduce the excessive price we have had to pay the company responsible all Salut! Sunderland mugs so far won, bought or given – I will concoct something for another competition.

Our star writer Sixer, as some may know, has been on a ground-hopping tour of the West Country and southern England. He is like a fish out of water in such parts but appears to be having a good break and will doubtless be sharing his experiences here in due course. All expenses paid? Yes, but from his teacher’s pension. Salut! Sunderland‘s finances are in a parlous state; that is nothing new but they threaten to get worse as a result of unexpected developments on the technical front.

Anyway, the question is simple enough. Identify the whereabouts …

Name this location
Name this location

… the first to do so correctly in Comments, preferably while also guessing Saturday’s score (that still isn’t a rule), will receive a mug from the prospective new supplier along with my request for feedback on quality.

Ha’way the Lads. Make Gus’s first post-match e-mail of the new season a happy one.

Matt's cartoon as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon as adapted by Jake

21 thoughts on “West Bromwich Albion vs SAFC: the return of Guess the Score”

  1. As a Baggie I can honestly say that you will hammer us big time on saturday. Ive watched us in pre-season and we are awful. No width, no threat attacking and cant defend. Defo certs for relegation. Irvine seems nice…but hasnt a clue tactically.

    Anyway, I have more that a soft spot for SAFC (as i used to live up there) so will keep an eye on you guys all season.

    Safe journey to those fans travelling down to the Black Country, Boing Boing & FTM!!!!!!

    • You “bassa”, (joke) that was going to be my prediction so I have to stick by it and just hope that you think of me whist enjoying your mug!

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