The great Guess the Score rollover: SAFC v Stoke – Wembley-bound again?

Jake's new Guess the Score image,  with the usual insolent caption
Jake’s new Guess the Score image, with the usual insolent caption
Guess the Score produced no winner at Turf Moor.

No one, it seemed, had a dour enough disposition to suggest we’d be reduced to a wretched 0-0 draw. As Jeremy Robson has pointed out on these pages, that’s now two visits to promoted sides without a goal and with no more than a point.

Even before Eric Bowers popped up to say I must have overlooked a clearly invalid 0-0 entry from Cyprus, Monsieur Salut had decided in his headlong rush toward Queer Street to turn disappointment to virtue.

The Capital One Cup tie against Stoke City will be a rollover whether or not our kind sponsors at Personalised Football Gifts offer a second mug. In other words, the prize is two. Almost, though not quite, like winning the lottery after a week without a winner. And Eric, who gets these things right too often, still stands to collect his umpteenth mug.

Pay attention. Big prizes at stake, so clear rules.

Guess the Score at the end of full time or, if necessary, extra time. If Sunderland or Stoke draw 2-2 AET and one of them then go on to win 4-2 on penalties, the shootout is irrelevant to this competition. Two-two would be the winner. Whoever you support, be the first to get it right and post it, before kickoff, and we’ll do the rest. A Stoke winner would receive a Stoke-related pair of mugs.

M Salut’s decision is final.

As for the match, exiles will presumably rely on the consistently excellent radio coverage by Nick Barnes and Gary Bennett since streams, even dodgy stream as most are, may be hard to come by. And if you cannot simply tune to BBC Radio Newcastle, it’s free through the club site at provided you register.

It is no hardship to follow Sunderland games via Barnes & Benno. Considering what they, along with Sixer and so many more, put up with, especially on their travels, it’s a wonder they bring games to life as well as they do. Not every fan agrees: there was hell to pay at halftime against Birmingham, when 3-0 to us would have seemed a laughable outcome. The flak was enough to suggest listeners held B&B responsible for the dross they were reporting on.

On Saturday, this admirable service to Sunderland supporters was uplifted, though such a pulsating game needed no such enhancement, by regular visits to Martin Emmerson at Lords. While one Durham county team – historical reference – could only draw, another was on course to a famous victory and Martin’s updates were much appreciated.

Tuesday gives Poyet’s stop-start squad a new chance to show another Wembley dream may not be beyond reach.

Have a go at the score, prior to any penalty shootout, and – as ever – Ha’way the Lads.

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Salut! Sunderland: The Sunderland Old Boys look of your squad is now pretty much a thing of the past, with only Phil Bardsley and, as what looks a little like third choice as keeper, Tommy Sorensen, as the remaining direct links. How is Bardo doing and what is your assessment of the others, Tommy and those no longer with you (Collins, Whitehead, Kenwyne, Higginbotham, Lawrenece etc)?

Mike Alderson, Stoke supporter:
Bardsley has had a steady start, I haven’t seen enough of him yet to have a strong opinion. Over the years though we have had some good servants from Sunderland many of which I think have perhaps done better for us than they did for you. Sorenson, Whitehead, and Higginbotham (who we sold to you before you sold him back) have all been very dependable players who you could rely on giving you an honest hard working shift every time they pulled on the shirt.Liam Lawrence was a bit of a hero, especially in our promotion season and was very popular but Delap is the player who probably made the biggest difference. What a great professional and “that throw” that won us so many points in our first season up, The funny thing is I don’t remember either Sunderland or Southampton taking advantage of this rare skill when he was in their teams (some of us struggle to recall his throw-ins at all – Ed).

M Salut, drawn by Matt, adapted by jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, adapted by jake

16 thoughts on “The great Guess the Score rollover: SAFC v Stoke – Wembley-bound again?”

  1. I was back home last weekend and watched the Burnley game at The Cliff, a dire, depressing, totally uncreative performance. Went to Shields the following night to see the play “I Left my Heart in Roker Park,” a wonderful performance and atmosphere added to by the presence of the burgeoning SAFC Museum memorabilia.

    I have lived in Staffs for over 10 years now, so, like CSB says, just give me a win and some pride back.

  2. Does anyone think that Pellegrini was out of order with his comments about Chelsea being like Stoke?

    His club was in the Third Division, with Stoke possibly not so very long ago before their new found wealth. He wouldn’t have been able to find his own way to Maine Road. I can’t stand the arrogance of people like him. Chelsea’s display had nothing to do with Stoke

  3. I got the draw right against Burnley, but was foolishly optimistic in thinking we might score.
    I don’t see us winning, or drawing this. SAFC 1 SCFC 2.

  4. Nasty feeling about this one. Saw the whole of the Stoke game at the weekend. Far better team and style than they ever displayed under Pulis. Stoke fans will be enjoying having Hughes as manager as it’s the first time they’ve seen football since the days of Conroy and Eastham.

    We will lose 2-0. No Wembley this time around.

  5. Ayia Napa? Isn’t that somewhere beyond Consett but not as wild?

    I’m not eligible for a single mug, never mind a pair but here goes:

    Gus rings the changes and starts Pants, Buckley, Jordi and Fletch. Pants kicks out to Jordi, who feeds Buckley, who speeds down the wing and crosses it. Shawcross pulls Fletcher’s shirt and Fletch falls into the path of the ball, diverting it into t he goal.


    Then Jozy comes on and the same thing happens.


    • As if entries from Cyprus counted! Oops and oops again. Eric is right, wins the mug and ensures that the rollover is at M Salut’s expense. Feels like last season all over again

      • SAFC 5 SCFC 3 AET. Should this totally preposterous forecast come true I will forfeit my right to a mug, I couldn’t live with myself if M Salut ended up in the French equivalent of the workhouse.

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