Crystal Palace vs Sunderland ‘Guess the Score’: redemption time?

Jake's new Guess the Score image,  with the usual insolent caption
Jake: ‘you can get your own After Eights this week’

The rollover Guess the Score competition for Sunderland vs Arsenal was won by our resident harbinger of doom, Bill Cowell.

The man will soon run out of space for all his prize mugs. Two more are on their way from Personalised Football Gifts, to be preceded or followed by a carefully packed box of After Eight mint chocs, for which Pete Sixsmith dug deep into his pockets to stump up the purchase price, Nestlé having been too humourless to do so itself.

Jake: 'this time, Lads?'
Jake: ‘this time, Lads?’

After Eight it was Two. What will happen at Selhurst Park? A dreadful performance last season saw us beaten 3-1, despite Steven Fletcher having given us every hope of victory by coming to equalise. John O’Shea then lost his man, pulled him down and not only conceded a killer penalty but was sent off.

It has become pointless to talk about must-win games for Sunderland, unless something conclusive rests on not winning a particular game.

But we know what is, or may be, at stake. The players do, too, as does Gus Poyet.

Over to them to prove they are not just underachieving but incapable of achieving more.

Back to a single mug for this game. You can enter whoever you support and the design of the mug will reflect your allegiance. This is the Sunderland version (you get your name as No 12 in the dressing room image) ..

You could be the next No 12
You could be the next No 12

Just be the first to post the correct scoreline, before kickoff, and the prize is yours. Stay away, Bill, unless you have a feeling we’ll win this one!

Monsieur Salut’s decision will be final. Ha’way the Lads.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, adapted by jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, adapted by jake

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  1. Can’t see us keeping a clean sheet, especially with the fragility of Vito and Costel on crosses, and you can bet they’ll be bombing them in. I think we’ll get beat but I’m going for a 3-1 victory thanks to a couple of penalties.

  2. Eagles 0 – Cats 1 – messy, scrappy, not at all entertaining, possibly the worst televised game so far this year BUT 3 points

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