Southampton vs SAFC Guess the Score: football’s back with a rollover

Jake's new Guess the Score image,  with the usual insolent caption
Jake’s new Guess the Score image, with the usual insolent caption

From our good friends at Personalised Football Gifts, a Weardale business owned by a Sunderland supporter, two mugs await the winner of this week’s Guess the Score.

Only one reader correctly predicted Sunderland 3 Stoke City 1. Step forward Keir Bradwell. Then step back again: he posted it after the match.

Salut! Sunderland is going early with this week’s competition for two reasons:

* Monsieur Salut hits the road tomorrow, Wednesday, on the annual slog back to the UK – slowly, stopping overnight for mix fix of andouillettes in Troyes; they need to be a lot better than a year ago – and will not arrive until late on Thursday.

* we’re excited at the return of proper football (M Salut will be at Saturday’s match)

Usual rules. Be the first to get the score right, go one better than Keir and post it before kickoff and you win two mugs, your own name taking the No 12 shirt in the dressing room design. A Southampton winner would win a pair of mugs with suitably modified design.

Get cracking and come back tomorrow for the Southampton vs SAFC Who are You?, in which we interview a man who gets closer than any previous candidate in the series to saying diving is good.

Let us introduce you to our Guess the Score sponsors
Let us introduce you to our Guess the Score sponsors

16 thoughts on “Southampton vs SAFC Guess the Score: football’s back with a rollover”

  1. Do they understand or even care about how much this embarrasses us ‘ their ‘ fans . If they’d ever done a days work they’d understand the importance of one upmanship with your work mates that revolves around the fortunes of your team . We don’t argue over politics , philosophy , the weather , pop groups or anything else for that matter , everything hangs on football . Next week will be purgatory .

  2. Right, let’s start the gallows humour here. In bingo (so my missus tells me) that score is known as “on the end of your foot”. Work it out

  3. I’m guessing next weeks GTS is a rollover then? Gary Bennett “I cannot believe what I’m seeing here. I’m embarassed. Pathetic”.

  4. No doubt the players and staff will climb on to their chartered aircraft and be home in time for Strictly or BGT whilst the majority of their brilliant fans will be trying to get to grips with the M25 or the London Underground. Players don’t f***ing deserve the support they receive weekly. Johnson and Rodders on for second half and an unlikely comeback. Time for my medication.

  5. I’ll go with usual Saints 3 – Us 1 and pray for a reverse.

    Just seen their expected line-up. It won’t be easy.

  6. 1-0 to the boys in blue. This competition is worth entering as the mug is superb. I gave a previous Salut mug to my son, it now resides at the back of a cupboard. I gave him my winning mug from Burnley A, it has pride of place on his bedside table.

  7. Saints 1-1 SAFC, to keep up our recent unbeaten record against them in all competitions. We go ahead with Fletcher and they get an agonising late goal to nick a point. Basically repeat of last year!

  8. Another clean sheet and a breakaway goal:


    I’m not eligible for the mug so anyone who is can go for this score without prejudice

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