Sunderland vs Stoke City Guess the Score rollover: making amends?

An example of the SAFC items on sale from Personalised Football Gifts
What you could win: a mug with this design and your own name as No 12, from Personalised Football Gifts

Everyone knows the drill by now, or should.

Accurately predict the score in SAFC vs Stoke City Round Two, Premier League on Saturday, be the first to post that prediction and do so before kickoff and you win a prize.

That prize may not be the five-star cruise you dreamed of, a new Porsche or even an old Wartburg 353W. But it is not one mug from Personalised Football Gifts, but two of them. See the design above: a Stoke City fan entering and winning would receive mugs relevant to his or her allegiance.

Jake: 'this one counts, Lads'
Jake: ‘this one counts, Lads’
There is an excellent Stoke “Who are You?” to read, too: see if this challenging extract whets the appetite”

Salut! Sunderland: [after the league cup defeat] … could it be Stoke have just improved a lot and should no longer be considered “a club in or around our zone” as one pal put it. You tell me

Dave Shenton, Stoke supporter: … Stoke did improve last campaign, particularly post January, whereas Sunderland seem to have been hovering in or around the bottom three for two seasons now. We finished a sizeable 12 points clear of the Mackems last season and three the season before which is the evidence to back up the divergence of the two clubs in recent years. At the minute we’re better than Sunderland overall. I’d say we’re towards the top of the middle zone of the division and Sunderland are towards the top of the bottom zone.

Jake invites support
Jake invites support

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18 thoughts on “Sunderland vs Stoke City Guess the Score rollover: making amends?”

  1. Looks like my choice of 2-1 has gone.
    My next choice would be 2-2, but let me plump for a nail-biting 3-2 with Wickham bulging the onion bag in stoppage time.

  2. Still to see a goal on my Cyprus jollies. I’ve decided to forgo the boozer (Spectrum in Pernera if you’re interested) and will instead listen to Barnes and Benno on the BBC in the hope it changes the outcome. Favourably, of course. 4-1 does not seem to have been taken, so that’s it. First on match choice on SKY and second on MOTD (0-0 scoreline by any of the big teams will be deemed much more exciting and worthy of top billing).

  3. 3-0 to us. O’Shea, Rodwell and Norman Stanley. Giach if fit will have one disallowed and Johnson will hit the bar. Lottery numbers will be 9 17 21 34 35 and 40.

    Visiting hours are 4 til 6 and they say I’ll be fine if I take my medication.

    Oh and Swans 4 Magpies 0 in the battle of the birds.

  4. My apologies. CSB already went for 1-1. I’ll go for what I really think this time then.

    Sunderland 0 Stoke City 1

  5. I confidently predict that Sixer is wrong, Graham will not score. Will anyone else? Yes, loads of them: 5-2 to us (I cannot win the mugs so feel free to hijack my prediction

  6. 2 – 0 to the cats – clean sheets are habit forming but this time fletch and connor will find the target

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