SAFC vs Everton Guess the Score: time to build on Palace coup

Guess the score

This week, Monsieur Salut has been granted time off from the ‘Who are You’ feature. Our Liverpool-based associate editor, John McCormick, found and interviewed an Evertonian and the fascinating result of their exchange will appear here tomorrow.

That leaves Guess the Score. David Miller won the Personalised Football Gifts mug as the first – and only – reader to plonk for 3-1 to us at Crystal Palace. So no rollover, just the one mug and you must have it delivered to a UK address.

Can Poyet’s merry men build on the confidence-boosting win at Selhurst Park? Will it be a heartbreaking bad decision against us (a la Osman’s ludicrous kick-the-turf-fall-over-claim-and-get penalty of a couple of three seasons ago), a one goal win (Sess) or a one goal defeat (own goal by W** *r*wn)? Or none of these thing …

We shall see. Be right and be first and, whoever you support and subject to M Salut’s decision, you’ll collect that mug, the design according to your allegiance.

Me? I would love a win, of course, but settle for a draw if offered now – provided we then do no worse than that at Leicester after the international break.

Jake: 'heroics please, Lads'
Jake: ‘heroics please, Lads’

So have a go. I was delighted to see a winner rewarded for keeping the faith and going for a Sunderland win at Palace. But you are not obliged to be guided by loyalty.

I cannot win, of course, so can safely allow myself to be guided by loyalty and loyalty alone. Two-nil to us.

Ha’way the Lads.

Still time if you think we’re worth it …


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Jake invites support
Jake invites support

17 thoughts on “SAFC vs Everton Guess the Score: time to build on Palace coup”

  1. 1-1, suits both teams but also depends on Saturday’s results. It will be very tight and if I had to go for a
    winner, Sunderland 2 /1. Just a gut feeling that luck
    has turned.

  2. I was chuffed to win last week so the reverse psychology option applies again – I expect us to get beaten as while recent results against them have generally improved our stats, we all retain less than fond memories of games against Everton. I too would take a point now, so I’m going for 3-0 to the Lads.

  3. 1-0. (Jozy, of course) As I’m not eligible for the mug someone else can claim the score, with or without the aforementioned Jozy

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