Hutch’s Patch: one-word Sunderland ratings from ‘commanding Pants to ‘expected’ Jozy

Jake: Rob's a man of few words
Jake: Rob’s a man of few words

Rob Hutchison says:
Decent result not to lose but absolutely sterile in the final third. A goalscorer a goalscorer, my kingdom for a goalscorer. Here are his one-word ratings …

CP – 8 commanding

AR – 6 organised

JS – 7 strong

WB – 6

SV – 7 neat

SL – 6 workaholic

LC – 7 decent

JG – 6 pennatastic

AJ – 7 better

CW – 6 energetic

JA – 5 expected


NSF – 6 ok

RA – 6 tippytappy

Maybe one day I can use the word Cosmic …

5 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: one-word Sunderland ratings from ‘commanding Pants to ‘expected’ Jozy”

  1. Matter of opinion of course but I would rate Seb and Jordi as Catt’s equals today. Alvarez looks as if he’ll become a matchwinner for us the more minutes he gets in his boots. Worth more than a 6 in my opinion.

    Wickham is improving but needs to speed up his thought processes, take fewer touches in front of goal and look up occasionally.

    Jozy’s effort in the 45th minute was the mirror image of his open goal against WBA at the back end of last season. We are all willing him to do well but…….patience is not inexhaustible.

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