Manchester City vs SAFC Guess the Score: cricket score or awayday shocker?

Jake: 'if Burnley can rattle them ...'
Jake: ‘if Burnley can rattle them …’

No one guessed SAFC 1-3 Hull. Plenty among us saw the potential for a traditional flop immediately following a derby win, but the common Guess the Score practice is to be, or appear, positive.

Drummer was chuffed to win the Aston Villa competition but would probably have gone happily without his prize mug in return for one of Connor Wickham’s shots being a little more, er, hard to save.

So what lies ahead at the Etihad? Connor’s two goals there last season did not produce the deserved win, Vito Mannone’s late fumble allowing City an equaliser, but it did set up the extraordinary run that delivered unexpected survival.

I fear it will be tougher this time, and not just because they tonked us a few weeks back at the SoL. On song, they will comfortably beat just about everyone.

But we must cling to the hope that our players stay sober on Wednesday night while theirs are out on the toot. That we’re on song, they are not. The Lads, desperate to make up for throwing away five points in two games against dross, then lift their game to beat or equal the elite. We’ll see.

You could be the next No 12
You could be the next No 12

Usual rules. City fans are welcome to enter. The first with the correct scoreline, before kickoff, wins the mug you see above with your name as No 12, the design suitably modified for non-SAFC supporters. Entries briefly “held for moderation” will count, in the order they are submitted.

Have a go even if you couldn’t care less about the prize.

Have a really happy new year.

And Ha’way the Lads.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

13 thoughts on “Manchester City vs SAFC Guess the Score: cricket score or awayday shocker?”

  1. 0-1 to the lads, in the highly unlikely event that this is the actual score I’ll forfeit a second mug and just enjoy the three points. As you correctly say, I cheerfully would have with the Villa game !

  2. Jozy will score from inside his own half. Then Wes Brown from a corner. After that at least one ex-city player will rub salt in.

    City, on the other hand, will find it hard to mount an attack.

    so 0-3, maybe 0-4.

    Not eligible for a mug so anyone one who wants it can have this score.

  3. A welcome 0-0 for a change. I think we should abandon GTS and award a mug for guessing who Sixers new butler will be.

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