Pure Poyetry: Sunderland 1 Hull City 3 – We need to (get a) move on

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

John McCormick writes: I was optimistic about this game until I read a facebook post from my niece saying that she was in the pub prior to the game. I thought she’d been barred because of her effect on the team. I did offer her my spare ticket for the Stoke game but she couldn’t go – what more proof do you need?

But it’s not our Helen that Gus is blaming. To find out what he thinks have a read of his personal message to Colin and perhaps one or two other fans:

Dear Colin,

The first two goals were not something you regularly see.

The first one found Johnno chasing and he got his reward with the goal and then the second saw an incredible bounce beat the keeper.

After that I think the game was pretty equal; we weren’t fantastic but we were in the game and we needed to pick our moments.

I was disappointed with the penalty decision, I thought it was clear-cut but it was not given.

There were lots of emotions running throughout the game and after the incidents we had a number of half chances right at the end of the first half and that seemed to change the atmosphere of the game.

We conceded after we were trying to get forward and score and then we conceded from a set-piece, which is not good from us. There were just too many mistakes.

We were hurrying and trying to push forward, but we need to be better than that and be more patient with our passing.

It was a perfect start; especially after last weekend’s result, the early goal was great but it was not to be.

We need to move on now, start with recovery tomorrow and make sure we perform better on Sunday against Aston Villa.

Thanks for your support,
Gus Poyet

3 thoughts on “Pure Poyetry: Sunderland 1 Hull City 3 – We need to (get a) move on”

  1. Poyet got he’s tactics wrong , fantastic start then we sit back , gave the ball to Hull and let them play , Why ? It’s Hull at home not bloody Chelsea away ! When this tactic works against the bigger teams its laudable but we need to take games like this by the throat . Hull were woefull and they seemed to be getting blown over by the wind while given licence by Sub Marriner to play basket ball in their own penalty area .The refs a joke as is Bruce who wasted no time in blackening our name with he’s lies to the press again while sneakily starting he’s media campaign for Pardews job . I can honestly say that bringing that man to the SOL was Quinns worst ever decision for us and I wish we could wipe he’s name from our history books along with Di Canio . I’m sick as a chip and not a cheesy one at that !

  2. ….and in the absence of Sixer’s Sevens (Merry Christmas Santa Pete) I offer….Bubble burst by Bruce’s boys! Bloody bollocks!

  3. I should know better than to feel confident about winning a game. It doesn’t happen very often but today was one of those days when I was sure, 100% sure of a victory for the lads. And whenever I have that feeling the outcome is always the same, disappointment and defeat. A dream start, nightmare finale.

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