SAFC vs Fulham Guess the Score rollover: back on the Wembley trail?

Jake: 'back to Wembley?'
Jake: ‘back to Wembley?’

As regulars know, or should know, a rollover stops at two at Salut! Sunderland. We don’t want to annoy our sponsors, Personalised Football Gifts by having them pack threes and fours.

But just in case we do get back to Wembley this season wouldn’t it be nice to have that pair of mugs as souvenirs of the 4th round?

Fulham are the visitors. They started badly in the Championship after going down but have begun to pick up points. We started disappointingly and have not yet begun to pick up many points.

Will Jermain Defoe be given a chance to score on his home debut and get all-important match fitness ahead of the greater task ahead? Is Danny Graham guaranteed a role to put him in the shop window while the transfer window proceeds. Do we expect a return for Vito Mannone?

You need answer only one question. What will be the score at full time? First to predict the correct scoreline, posting the prediction before kickoff, wins a pair of mugs, one of which will look like this …

You could be the next No 12
You could be the next No 12

… with your own name at No 12.

A winning Fulham supporter would receive an appropriate alternative prize. Usual rules: the mugs can be delivered only to a UK address and M Salut’s decision is final.

Ha’way the Lads. I want to win every game. But I am off to Cuba for a fortnight on Thursday. Will Fidel be well enough to keep me informed of score updates? Will his brother be interrupting plans for a new era of Cuban-US relations by listening to Barnes and Benno via the club link? We shall see.

Assuming I am not detained unexpectedly while visiting downtown Guantanamo, I shall be back in time for Swansea away. Is my ticket in the post. Gus?

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

29 thoughts on “SAFC vs Fulham Guess the Score rollover: back on the Wembley trail?”

  1. Think this game is a season changer. Win and we are ok and upwards. Lose, and it’s a scary ride till the end of May.
    But I think Gus will fuss, and put out a mixed up team, which will backfire.

    So, for me its SAFC 0 Fulham 2

  2. With Defoe and Whickham up front,I think 3-0,Fulham are not a very good side away from home,but ive seen terrible sides beat us,so beware!!!!!!…KLF!

  3. Excuse my pessimism, but this is exactly the sort of game we go into expecting a confidence boost, but end up more frustrated than ever. 1-0 Fulham.

  4. Rob Towns has taken my traditional 3-1 score. (You’re welcome to it Rob). That result has always involved Jozy scoring and as he’s not here that should mean 2-1. However, Phil D has that one, so what’s a man to do?
    I know:
    Danny Graham to score – a championship player against a championship team.
    Defoe to get one on his home debut, as befits “The Complete English Tradesman” (look it up)
    Something from midfield, probably Rodwell who is looking better.
    And a big lad gets up for a corner to make it four.

    Ross McCormack (because weren’t we interested in him?) and a penalty make it 4-2.

    Not eligible for the mugs, so anyone else can have this score. They can also have Danny Graham, but not Jermain Defoe

  5. The best possible result for us southern based boys is, of course, a draw. That will enable us to have a nice evening by the river as we win the replay by 4 – 0. So, 1-1 it is and see you at the Cottage in a fortnight or so.

  6. The new pattern will come good, clean sheet at the back and in the pot for the next round draw . that’s 3 for us and none for them, so 3-0 to the lads

    • Peter: Jeremy just beat you to it and I am sure has a UK address to which the prize would be sent if it ended 2-0. Try another scoreline

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