Pure Poyetry from Bradford: ‘they tried’

Jake: 'let's hope we can still trust in Gus'
Jake: ‘let’s hope we can still trust in Gus’

M Salut says: I wanted to say something directly to Gus Poyet but am so angry, especially on behalf of 4.200+ loyal souls who went to Bradford and endured the dross offered by the handsomely paid men undeservedly wearing a proud club’s shirt, that I leave it to him …

Dear Colin,

It was a difficult game, a proper old-fashioned cup tie.

There were 22 players doing their best in difficult conditions and going behind so early was not the best start for us.

I don’t think the players were influenced by the home crowd; they tried the best, they tried to adapt to the pitch and they fought for the cause – there were plenty of elbows, tackles, cuts, bruises – everything you would expect in a tie like we’ve seen today, but it wasn’t enough.

In all games when you are on top, things need to go in your favour, and that didn’t happen for us. We had a penalty-shout in the first half, but we didn’t get it and then after that we didn’t really have another chance.

I like to see my team try and they did that today.

Adam Johnson went close; if you put him in that situation in any other game he would have scored, but today he mishit it and it just didn’t go in our favour.

It’s all about winning next week against West Brom, that’s the message. We need to start much better than we did today and go out there and take our opportunities and make more of them.

We need to make every effort possible to win that game next week.

Thanks for your support,

Gus Poyet

12 thoughts on “Pure Poyetry from Bradford: ‘they tried’”

  1. We the fans didnt choose Poyet , we certainly didnt choose Di Canio , they were pulled out of nowhere to fit in with a director of football system . Most of us wanted O’Neill , but in hindsight that was ten years too late . Bruce was accepted and backed regardless of what he says today,untill it resembled like it is now . We the fans don’t choose the manager , we arn’t asked our opinion but we support them untill it becomes unsupportable . We’re very close to that point today , West Brom will decide whether we stick or twist…..again .

  2. “Has anybody noticed our pitch isn’t at its best at present?”

    That’s right, and I bet Bradford could beat us on it.

  3. How are bad pitches alien to our players ? Most have spent time in the championship or North of the border in Fletchers case and if they don’t pull their fingers out soon they’ll be playing on them twice a week . Poyets done for by the way , but its not all down to him , where’s the players profesional pride ? Why are old hands like O’Shea and Brown not dragging them up by the scruff of their necks and rattling them ? Was Cattermole in the dressing room, he should have been and why has Ball being frozen out ? Need he’s aggression and fight more than ever , sorry I forgot he’s from the Reid era and that was crap according to the present ( for now ) genius in charge !

  4. No youre already a laughing stock lol. Its not just Poyet and DiCanio, its O’Neill and Bruce and Sbrajia and Keane. They were all bloody miracle workers until suddenly they werent

  5. I detect some similarity to the last days of DiCanio. A man in denial, unable to comprehend what is obvious to all but the oblivious.

    We are fast becoming a laughing stock.

  6. All this blaming the pitch,both teams have to play on it,,,,Poyet hasn’t a clue,,,I wasn’t one of the thousands that didn;t want Pullis,he is far better than Poyet will ever be,but he is’nt the answer to all our dreams,but who is!

  7. If we exhumed Staln and stuck his corpse on the touchline it would be as invigorating as anything this dead duck can muster. Get a grip Ellis and give him his cards in the morning, if it;s too late tonight.

  8. I totally agree. The Baggies won well this weekend against a strong West Ham. Will Poyet still continue with tipa tapa when we know we need Menof Steel.

  9. I guess what he means is Bradford tried when he says “they”, as if the management expected a stroll in the park today. At least this week it was not the fans to blame, it was the media.
    He does at least have a valid point, it is all about winning against West Brom next week. Very much so.

    • I hope you are right but Pullis has got the Baggies going. Ironically, he was available after DinCanio was dismissed and most of us said no. That said, Poyet has not generated much warmth or excitement. Pullis is a pragmatist and Poyet a technocrat. My guess is that he has lost the dressing room and he does not know how to win it back. Next stop, a pragmatist??

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