SAFC vs WBA Guess the Score: 50 Shades of unbearable hope

Jake says: 'can we get anything right?'
Jake says: ‘can we get anything right?’

Decades of Sunderland support should bring an element of gallows humour to anyone’s personality. If our situation were not so dire, or so familiar, it would be wall-to-wall fun, which it isn’t.

But I’ve still enjoyed the doom-laden banter here since Bradford (actually you could insert your own team name after “since” as there have been so many: Watford, West Ham, Notts Co, Wimbledon, Brentford, Southampton, Palace, QPR, Everton, Ipswich, Norwich all spring to mind and I have barely begun).

But Pete Sixsmith’s threatened defection has propelled Salut! Sunderland‘s board into action. Monsieur Salut will be an East Stand presence on Saturday, ahead of his own desperate flight to France, and will be ready to report on Sixer’s demeanour with a view to keeping season ticket renewals staff informed.

I recently amused fellow-holidaymakers in Cuba with a colloquial French put-down for less than manly men: hommelet(te)s, pronounced without the “h” like those things you fry with eggs. Can the Lads rise above the suspicion that hommelet(te) is a cap that fits?

Forget, for a moment, Pete’s profound unhappiness; as a man who has supported his club home and away for 50 years, his disenchantment is something that Ellis Short ought to take seriously with slap-up lunch in the boardroom as a starting point, and an end to half a century of under-achievement as non-negotiable. But the boss’s response will be to tell Sixer that if he wants fantasy, he should be off the seem 50 Shade of Grey.


Let us see if the traditional Guess the Score optimism has survived QPR and Bradford. Will everyone plump for a home win, nervy or emphatic?

Over to you – with Baggies warmly invited to get stuck in, too. The first to post the correct scoreline, before kickoff, wins the Personalised Football Gifts mug, a WBA design if necessary, in which case formal statements from SAFC (and Sixer Towers) may be imminent.

Ha’way the Lads.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

30 thoughts on “SAFC vs WBA Guess the Score: 50 Shades of unbearable hope”

  1. 4-0. Confident of a win for the first time in ages. Think this one will resemble Cardiff at home last season in more ways than one.

  2. Now that I’ve promised Hayley a mug, I’ll have to make a guess and it’ll have to be a classic 7-1 to the lads!!

  3. SAFC 6 – 2 WBA…….No sensible score lines left, but who can predict what will happen with this lot,,,,go for sensible and you get a nonsense result, therefore (ipso facto) go for nonsense and get er…….a nonsense result, admittedly this new philosophy needs working on!!!!!! as does this bloody team.

  4. 2-0 Albion, if Defoe is out for yourselves i just don’t see you scoring. Craig Gardener and Brown Ideye to score. In saying that i think and hope you wil stay up regardless. Sunderland is definately my second team. Love coming up to the SOL, great fans and great ground.

  5. not many scores left for me to take…hold on FOUR me TWO take….. that’s it I’ll plump for 4-2 …can’t remember last time there was 6 at the SOL.. took my daughter for her first game v Oxford Sept 98 but that was 7….dreamtime again ZZZZZ

    • Malcolm: my abiding recollections of that game was that we were not that good in the first half and conceded loads of corners. Yet the records show we were 3-0 up at half time! Why do negative memories linger longer?

      • I can remember she was upset that a certain “SuperKev” wasn’t playing but took a shine Micky Gray and everything was forgiven.

  6. I’m still in my self imposed GTS retirement, as I find it impossible to predict what will happen in any game featuring Sunderland. The only time I have felt confident this season was Fulham away.

  7. Good to see the “thumbs down” poster give me the usual. You’ve obviously been away on holiday/in a persistent coma, as your actions have been observed in absentia, so to speak.

    We’ve missed you!

  8. 1 nil to the Albion and last on MOTD. Like Pete, I am on the verge of saying enough is enough, after 54 years. First game I saw was a 4 nil win and the next one 5 nil, but a man called Clough was the centre forward.

  9. Don’t want it but expect a draw ….. 2-2.
    That result would not be the end of the world if the performance showed we were turning things round.

  10. Smoggie at the Riveside? Surely he’s a closet Mag. Regardless, wit is welcome.
    My prediction – Pulis will park the bus but Fletcher will score one & make one. 3-1.

    • Bit slow on the uptake are you lol Smoggie means the Boro. Have a good look at Pulis while he’s there. He was yours for the asking if you’d had the nous to grab him

  11. The last thing in the world I want is a Sunderland mug but I think you lot’ll win this 1-0 and that means daft Jack your manager’ll get a reprieve. Give the mug to the oxfam shop lol

  12. SAFC 0 WBA 3. Not a hope in hell of getting anything from this game. As the now long defunct ITHICS fanzine with acroynm provided by “It’s the hope I can’t stand” stated, we have moved on from there, as there is now no hope. None, nothing and “nada” as they say in Cuba and possibly Jordi Gomez’s front parlor.

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