Well, would Pep Guardiola save us – or are we every manager’s graveyard?


That’s the question
Monsieur Salut poses at ESPN:


For the fans whose hands-in-pockets support for such a poorly performing club never ceases to amaze, the more crucial issue is whether any successor can pull off a third successive “Great Escape” from relegation.

Discontent among Sunderland supporters has been simmering for most of a horrendous season that has produced just two home and two away wins while offering a style and quality of football that would send an insomniac into deep slumber.

So what is Dick Advocaat, Sam Allardyce or any other manager linked with the now-vacant post at the Stadium of Light likely to be thinking?

He may look at the exceptional fan base, the superb stadium and the club’s grand tradition — six top-flight titles, albeit all since before the Second World War and three of them in the century before last — and be seduced by a wonderful opportunity to recreate past glories.

Alternatively, he may wonder why so many other competent, even acclaimed characters have failed in the attempt or given the club a wide berth when asked.

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4 thoughts on “Well, would Pep Guardiola save us – or are we every manager’s graveyard?”

  1. Pay any manager the right amount of money and they would all jump at the job.Today is all about money,money,money….they get a good 3 or 4 year contract worth millions and if everything doesnt work out,they fire his sorry ass and he gets a nice lump sum from his contract,,,none of these overpaid prima donas ever resign,they would be stupid if they did? As for who is in the running,,,,WHO KNOWS….Who would we want in the seat,anyone come to mind.I would like to see a good english manager from the lower divisions given a chance,maybe Parkinson at Bradford,someone,anyone but the usual out of job deadbeat manager,like Warnock,Holliway etc etc etc.Whatever happened to a player manager,a good top flight player,coming to the twilight of his career,but still able to perform,,,,,any offers? Dont anyone say Bally,I like the guy,but he aint a top flight manager,,now maybe Bracewell might be a good bet to the end of the season,,,cant do any worse than Warnock!

    • In an ideal world, I’d like us to find a good young manager who would stabilise, and then take us forward [ as, for instance, David Moyes did at Everton ]

      I honestly believe that there is quite a bit of myth blown around about so-called ” great managers “. It seems to me that it is probably a lot more difficult to produce consistent results in the lower divisions, given the minimal resources most of them have.

      I imagine that much of the work at the really big clubs is about dealing with the massive ego’s of the over-paid schoolboys who now seem to dominate the game?

      I wish we could find ” the one ” for Sunderland. It should have been Cloughie, but that is another story.

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