Hutch’s Patch: Larsson the star as Sunderland making beating Newcastle a habit

Jake: 'nowt wrong with route one'
Jake: ‘for days like this …’

Sixer has had the first of his says – – and Monsieur Salut has done the balancing act tequired at ESPNC ( But if we are honest, it all comes down to the result – what three points mean to our prospects of survival and what doing it five in a row against Newcastle means for tribal instinct.
Here’s Rob Hutchison‘s appraisal, one word per players but read each word in sequence and you’ll get his drift …

Rob writes:

On a sensible note, I guess the wider issue is just how bad Newcastle United were today. Carver must stay.

Pantillomon 7

PVA 8 say

O’shea 7 five

Vergini 7 one

Jones 8 but

Gomez 8 we

Larsson 9

Cattermole 9 five

Wickham 8

Fletcher 8 a

Defoe 8 row


Johnson 6 FIVE!!!

Jake: 'gerrin .....'
Jake: ‘gerrin …..’

4 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: Larsson the star as Sunderland making beating Newcastle a habit”

  1. Are you watching Gus? Absolute stunning goal by JD. Thought Patrick had a very good game. As usual Lambo huffed and puffed and fell down. Should have scored at one of his chances.
    Great result but still need at least another two wins.
    Roll on Palace

    • Correction. Should have wrote… Should have scored at least one of his chances.
      Its now midday in Hong Kong and I’m suffering from an almighty hangover!

  2. Still not safe, but definately 1 step closer. I am in Kent today, and was scared to check the game progress. We arrived in Ramsgate, and I stuck BBC Sport Football into my mobile phone. Just as Defoe struck! I was ecstatic, and nervous as I kept looking to see if we extended our lead. I bet it was tense towards the end at the match.
    Looking at every team and their run in, I would not be surprised if QPR survive and Hull get sucked in.
    I pray it is not us, and we need 3 points from the next game for sure against Pardew’s lot. Sucks to be Jack Colback right now LOL

  3. We all know how bad it is most of the time being a Sunderland supporter, but on days like these……

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