The return of Advocaat and Advochaat …

The return of Advocaat. Dick, by Jake
The return of Advoc(h)aat. Dick, by Jake

As is the mode,
I heard about it via Facebook and Twitter. And it has now been confirmed by the club that Dick Advocaat is returning after all, on a one-year deal. There is minor dissent, but my response is that this is news to be heartily welcomed.

Jeremy Robson said on these pages recently that the Little General was “the most accomplished manager to arrive at Sunderland in my lifetime”. As a small by-prouct of the deal, next season’s post-match e-mails published here at Salut! Sunderland will retain the generic title invented by Jake, Advochaat.

I loved this tweet:


I showed earlier how Sky Sports reported it.

Now for the official word, from

Sunderland AFC is delighted to announce the appointment of Dick Advocaat as head coach.
The highly-experienced Dutchman has put pen to paper on a one-year deal at the Stadium of Light.
Speaking about his decision to return, Dick Advocaat said: “After a lot of discussions with Ellis and Lee, they convinced me that I am the right man for the club.
“It was a great feeling to be part of Sunderland in the last few months, the experience was something very special and after talking with Lee, Ellis and of course my family, we all agree it is the right decision.”
Sunderland AFC chairman Ellis Short said: “Dick’s credentials in football are top class and we saw what an impact his vast knowledge and experience had on our team and the club as a whole in just two months.
“Sunderland fans took him to their hearts and so did everyone at the club, so we are absolutely thrilled that he will be here longer term.”
The club’s sporting director, Lee Congerton, added: “Dick was always our number one choice and we were determined we weren’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer. I have been in constant contact with him over the last two weeks and I’m absolutely delighted that he has agreed to return.
“In just a short space of time he has bought into the club wholeheartedly and understands exactly what we need now in order to move forward. We have a lot of work to do to prepare for the season ahead and that starts in earnest now.”


M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

15 thoughts on “The return of Advocaat and Advochaat …”

  1. I’m okay about DA on a one year deal, because I think he might stabilise the club in the short term.

    However I hope that the idea is to give Ellis Short time to identify someone for the longer term: someone who can put an end to our annual flirtation with relegation, and who can take us forward. David Moyes for instance.

  2. It’s not about DA and the PL though mate. This is about the contacts he has across the globe. Expect arrivals from places like Croatia and Serbia, Russia and Holland where there are talented lads waiting for their chance with the big show in the PL.

    I’m not for a minute saying that we’ll be challenging for the title or for a European spot but that we will be in for some entertaining football with a much more positive approach. We’ll see some much better quality players come in and the place will be buzzing.

    Holloway’s always been a bloke that I admire enormously Smoggie but that lad is burnt out by football now. That’s a shame because he had a lot to offer as a manager and he’s always great value to listen to. His day is over.

    • See, I’d say Dick Advocaat’s day is over, not Ian Holloways. I hope youre right about all these lads thatll come, honest I do but youve had a lot of foreign players come that have been nowt but disappointment and I dont see Advocaat for all his contacts being able to do much to change that, I think he’ll run out of steam very quickly and start feeling his age. But lets see who his first signing is

    • He never was and never will be a premier league manager,he can get teams into the premiership but cant keep them there,he is limited on tactics and top class player connections,he’s just another Warnock,Curbushley etc etc.

  3. This is an opportunity for us to change not only things on the field and hopefully within the academy system etc as well. There’s a pressing need for the club to change the way that it’s perceived.

    That lot up the road did it under Keegan the first time around and it elevated the way that others away from the region looked at that club. It was much the same when Steve Gibson started splashing the cash for Boro and they started signing much better quality players.

    There’s a negative perception of the area generally (and come in on this Smoggie if you want), and while no footballer would want to live in Southwick or South Bank, there are stunning places to live within a short commute. I wouldn’t personally want to live anywhere in N*wcastle or Tyneside mind.

    Gibson achieved that change of perception even if it was relatively short lived. He had a go. Short needs to succeed but longer term.

    • They catch salmon and trout in the Tees at Stockton these days and fit to eat an all, not like when I was a lad lol. Youre right though but who the hell would want to live at Manchester or Liverpool or bloody Swansea or any of them places, the northeasts no worse and lots of nice places to choose from away from the big towns. I wonder how much of that is at the back of players not wanting to come up here and how much it is that none of the clubs do very well. I cannot see Advocaat changing that idea, not in a single season anyhow. Now somebody like David Moyes would get players following him up here because of who he is, Advocaat doesnt have that sort of reputation in the premiership. I stick to what I’ve said all along even though it’ll not happen now. Ian Holloway did nowt at Millwall but that would take a miracle worker. He did very canny at Blackpool though but and if theyd give him a few bob to spend he might still have them up in the premier

      • I’m happy living in Liverpool. It’s a sight better than Newcastle and it’s as easy to get from here to the Dales and Lakes as it is from the North East.

        I’ll grant you that Northumberland and the NY moors are a distance but then I can get to Snowdonia, Shropshire and the Peak district with relative ease.

        Horses for courses, Liverpool suits me and I’ve no intention of ever returning to live in the NE.

  4. …. and surely it means that Ellis Short must have given him assurances about new players and funds for them?

  5. I’m happy you lot are happy but I can’t see this working out the way you think it will, lets see what youre saying at the end of next season

  6. A year in the saddle to stabalise things and then a younger man to step into his shoes. It would not surprise me if in a year’s time his protege, Philip Cocu, is installed. We can also look forward to some decent signings, and in good time,before the new season starts. It was reported pn Durch tv that Sunderland were in Holland last Monday, now we know why.

    • Paul – I hope you are right. If everyone is on the ball – the club will shortly appoint a younger man to shadow Dick, learn from him and take some of the pressure off, ready to step into the full time role in a year’s time. Cocu could be a good bet.

  7. Great news,,,now I dont have to have heart attacks during the close season,knowing that Fat Sam and every other useless merry go round manager wont be coming to Sunderland.I can understand Clement going to Derby,get his bearings in the Championship,then up his game in the premiership,hopefully with Derby,as for the mags,why the hell did they employ Mclaren,fat ashley aint going to give him any money for good players.All in all I feel good about next season,3 or 4 new good players and I think we will be on a roll this season….Merry Xmas?

  8. It’s gathering ground Jake. Not sure that the link actually confirms it yet but the story is gaining credibility.

    It’s the best possible news that SAFC fans could get. Briliiant, wonderful news if it’s true. I will gladly kiss the ground that the man is going to walk upon. Get in!

    Welcome home Dick!

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