Aston Villa vs Sunderland: Guess the Score, Guess the Bigger Club

Jake: 'another Defoe hat-trick would do nicely, provided Villa don't get six, or even four'
Jake: ‘another Defoe hat-trick would do nicely, provided Villa don’t get six, or even three’

Villa fans swimming to these shores
must forgive what they would see as the impertinence of the headline – both sets of fans know precisely which is the bigger club*, though the conclusions they reach may well differ – and look forward to the return of Jinksy.

Stuart Jinks, to give him a real name, is an old friend around here, an award-winning Who are You? interviewee and happy to come back with his forthright views whenever asked. We asked and he has delivered. His interview will appear tomorrow (update: see it now at He has SAFC finishing 17th and feels his anti-MoN views, once a source of controversy, have been vindicated.

For now, Sunderland and Villa fans can settle for guessing the score in Saturday’s match.

As the continued presence of the ad for Personalised Football Gifts may suggest, the door is not yet closed on another season of sponsored Guess the Score prize mugs. We await a response but until we get one, the competition remains for fun only. Luckily, no one guessed 4-2 at Leicester, 1-3 vs Norwich or 6-3 vs Exeter and we had a private donor of a prize for the Swansea game.

If PFG confirms continued support, there’ll be a mug for the first reader who correctly posts the Villa-SAFC scoreline, before kickoff of course. A Villa supporter would receive a mug reflecting his or her allegiance. If we still have no sponsor, the winner must await reward in heaven.

Have a go. And Ha’way the Lads.

* The ‘my club’s bigger than yours’ debate crops up here now and then. This is an example:

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

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22 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs Sunderland: Guess the Score, Guess the Bigger Club”

    • 5-1 to Sunderland. For sure. I am not (in the slightest) being optimistic. But, I am sure no one else posted this.
      Signed: Missy.
      Comment from Doctor (soon to be back). Beware of your comments Missy, they tend to blow back. So can I add, 5-1 to Villa as an alternative. Sad as it would be.

      • To explain, I go to Villa – Sunderland games, as I live close by. During the Bendtner miss/ badly called offside, and such we are due something there.

  1. Our goal machine/leaky defence rumbles on… 5-7 to us, US I TELLS YA! By the way Sunderland ARE the BIGGER club.

  2. Looks like a classic 1-1 to me but I shall be at Wembley watching Leeds play Hull KR. Prediction for that? Leeds 28 Hull KR 6.

  3. Hoping to see a better performance than last Midlands trip (Leicester) but who knows with SAFC? 3-2 to The Lads.

  4. Think Sunderland will win 2-1 after watching how dreadful Villa were last night. As for where you’ll finish? Really hard to predict at the moment, far better squad than the likes of Norwich, Bournemouth or Watford but I don’t rate Advocaat at all and think he will need to be replaced ASAP! I’ll go with 17th.

    Two big clubs, similiar sized fan base, Sunderland get much better crowds mind. I’d say Villa are slightly bigger purely on Trophies won and a slightly better recent history, wouldn’t argue either way though!

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