A bientôt, M’Vila. New signing sees red in Norwich semi-rehearsal

Jake: 'let's hope Sixer can feel less bitter as the season progresses ...'
Jake: ‘let’s hope Sixer can feel less bitter as the season progresses …’

Monsieur Salut has already – a little gloomily – speculated that next Saturday’s game at home to Norwich may be the season’s first relegation six-pointer. He also had a conversation with a French acquaintance who remembered almost every detail of Yann M’Vila’s fall from French international grace.

Leicester left Pete Sixsmith in downbeat mood, too, but not enough to put him off scuttling back from the Midlands to catch a Sunderland Under 21s match – against Norwich. He saw a win but also an embarrassing start to M’Vila’s SAFC career …

It was a pleasant afternoon
at Hetton.

Some of the irregulars were there and there were irregular irregulars, drawn out by the sunshine, the novelty of a Sunday afternoon game and the chance to glimpse our new signing Yann M’Vila. And see him we did, although he didn’t turn in a full 90 minutes – of which more later.

It was quite a strong side, with Will Buckley, Valentin Roberge and Chavris Mavrias playing, presumably hoping to attract attention from clubs in Leeds, France, Greece and all points east. The rest were the usual Under 21s – Stryjek (a legend in Boston, Lincs. after his heroics there last season), two Robsons, Tommy and Josh, Agnew skippering the side, Beadling after his first team experiences in North America and South Yorkshire, Mandron and Gooch, a Franco/Scottish/ USA link up between two players who seem to be good buddies.

Norwich pitched up with a very young side and four substitutes and with a hamper from Delia and a book of words from Stephen Fry to while away the endless journey across the A17 and the A47, although they may have gone on the A11 to Cambridge and then used the A14 to link up with the A1 at Peterborough. And maybe I should get out more.

It wasn’t a bad first half. M’Vila looked a bit rusty but seemed to settle in well. Mavrias continues to look a very decent player and Roberge is an excellent professional. Unlike some, he does not mess about at this level and “always gives of his best” as a generation of teachers wrote on the reports of those decent, hard working kids who were destined to collect a sheaf of Bs and Cs at O level.

The game ambled along with the Delias having the best chances and then it exploded. Mandron hit the first after good approach play by our US and Greek players and then a delightful through ball by M’Vila set up Gooch for the second. A third came a minute later after a cultured chip by Mavrias hit the bar and Mandron nodded it in. Three goals in seven minutes appeared to have killed the game off.

Norwich, reinforced by Delia’s Home Made Ginger Bread came out full of fire for the second period and began to put in some distinctly unDelia like tackles. Mavrias was caught on the ankle and then there was a bit of argy bargy between Beadling and the City centre forward Jamar Loza.

Beadling is a big lad and can look after himself and the scuffle was meaningless. But in jumped M’Vila to look after his new chum and in the ensuing contretemps with Loza, he moved his head in an aggressive manner towards the City player. The referee quite rightly interpreted this as violent conduct and issued a red card. He also rightly issued Master Loza with a yellow and told Roberge to be quiet and get on with it.

M’Vila trooped off to applause from many in the crowd, something which I find difficult to understand. A player has been correctly dismissed and he gets a clap – what is the world coming to. In the good old days, a player would be given the silent treatment if the ref’s finger pointed to the dressing room.

City pulled one back late on but never really looked like levelling and the Under 21s’ season opened with a win.

A shame the first team could not do the same. It is not known as I write whether M’Vila will be able to turn out against the Big Canaries next Saturday.

18 thoughts on “A bientôt, M’Vila. New signing sees red in Norwich semi-rehearsal”

  1. The heart weeps Sixer.

    I think the only way to appease these people is write the next report in pidgin Inglish an wiff all like test speke an that. Lolz.
    U shd uze lots of emojis an kp it reel.
    An dat is da troof man. 2 mny long wurdz for me.

    I actually thought I was reading the messageboard from Private Eye. But perhaps it is evidence we need a Junior Salut for the younger reader!?

  2. I doubt D Tilley will have been back to see just how little sympathy he has from other visitors to Salut! Sunderland.

    He has no doubt followed Scotter’s suggestion and is contenting himself with those sites whose articles always begin “According to reports in the Sunderland Echo, (Daily Star, Sky Sports)” etc.

  3. Another excellent article by Pete Sixsmith . I trust Petes articles to perfectly sum up a game I wasn’t at because the games I have being to , he gets them spot on . M’Vila sounds like a bit of a plum also .

  4. Absolutely agree Dan “simple and to the point”.

    His report should be concise and refrain from humour, background,or opinion. Perhaps like those colourless tweets I’ve heard so much about.

    He should be more like some of the callow cub reporters who rehash 3 day news on other sites and try to make the regurgitation sound interesting like the one who suggested SAFC and Joey Barton were an ideal match.

    He really shouldn’t try to foist the pathos and gut churning despair of a typical supporter on to others. That puts the piece into perspective in my opinion —he is too knowledgeable to write the bland, quick read that my iPad requires.

  5. I’m a tad disappointed at the brevity of this article. It’s not Twitter with its messianic overtones and followers suffering attention deficit disorder. Remember Skinner suggested learning is what’s left when what’s taught is forgotten. In other words it’s not the words delivered but the values therein. Maybe Dan misses a game of two halfs or is ‘gutted’. Alternatively he could restrict himself to the summaries in seven words on this site……right up his strasse

  6. Dan appears to completely miss the point of sixer’s articles, which is a shame. Sixer’s writing is so popular because ‘the match experience’ is about so much more than just the football, which is just as bleeding well when you support Sunderland.

  7. Pete Sixsmith reports on and about Sunderland, and football generally, with knowledge, uncommon observational powers and humour. His articles, contributed free though they are the equal of work produced by some of the best and best-paid professional writers, play a large part in making Salut! Sunderland literate and different. That’s my view. Dan Tilley is entitled to his but I am sure he’ll be able to find any number of bland football sites that meet his requirements.

  8. Mate please, who ever you are who writes these articles remember two things, keep it simple and get to the point. You try to hard to make the simplest of sentences seem like it has just fell out of a new York best seller. You are a reporter not a novelist get a grip mate

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