Dick’s post Norwich Advochaat: brief and to the point. Or is that to the pointless?

 Jake: Does Dick look a little peeved? Worries even?
Jake: Does Dick look a little peeved? Worries even?
John McCormick writes: I didn’t have a good feeling about this game. I don’t know why; possibly it’s because we’re crap. And when that first goal went in I thought, Oh, bugger. Still, these things happen and we can come back from them, can’t we?
As if, as my PE teacher friend once used to say.

I hope we can come back from this; I’m not sure that back four can but what about the manager? What does he think?

Find out for yourself as Colin shares the (very short) post-match e-mail Dick sent to him, and perhaps to two or three others.

Dear Colin,

It was a very frustrating afternoon; I did not expect that to happen, especially after the last game.

Everybody expected more, I know I did and I know the fans did; it was really disappointing.

Tomorrow we will sit down together and speak to find out what the problem is.

Jake: 'path ...et...and, indeed, ic'
Jake: ‘path …et…and, indeed, ic’
We started brightly and it’s difficult to put my finger on what the problem is at the moment, but we will work together to find a solution.

Duncan [Watmore] came on and he did very well during his time on the pitch.

You cannot say that the players aren’t fighting, it maybe looks that way but we need to work it out together.

Thanks for your support,

Dick Advocaat

9 thoughts on “Dick’s post Norwich Advochaat: brief and to the point. Or is that to the pointless?”

  1. Normally, before a game, my tension starts to build up well before kick off but, yesterday, I didn’t even realise the time until we’d been playing for more than 20 minutes.

    Even then, I couldn’t be bothered to turn on the TV (I, like many other ex-pats, have the ability to watch every PL game live).

    Instead, a few minutes later I checked the latest score on my computer’s BBC link, saw we were 1-0 down so just turned it off and went to bed.

    That, for me, (after supporting the lads for more than 50 years) spoke volumes about my current level of expectation and I’m appalled by what I realised!

    • I also am an expat who used to go to Roker Park in the 60s, now if I see Sunderland are down by a goal I know it is game over as I am never convinced Sunderland can score more than 1 goal a game.

  2. Sum this team up in one word….SHITE SHITE & even more SHITE!,,,,fed up this the whole lot of them losers…season after season,,,,just more SHITE !

  3. The new “show the fans we care about you” feature is the half time hat-trick where we can send in our suggestions for the three songs we want to hear at half time. Mine are by The Four Tops, Michael Jackson and The Smiths. “The Same Old Song”, “Bad” and “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now!”

    Sums it up I think!

  4. The writing was on the wall all through pre season & we were told not to worry as pre season was all about fitness, maybe some football should have been included.

  5. Yeah, what DOES the manager think? It would be good to know – honestly – what’s going on in Advocaat’s head.
    What does “you cannot say that the players aren’t fighting” mean? Fighting among themselves off the pitch? They’re certainly not fighting ON the pitch, anything but. It looks that way because it is that way.

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