Liverpool’s Fabio Borini: we have finally got our man. A good idea?

Jake knows how to capture Fabio at his best
Jake knows how to capture Fabio at his best

Stop Press: deal done – see new posting

Reports of Fabio Borini’s proposed return to Sunderland have a stronger look today than they ever did when a whole summer seemed to be wasted trying to bring back a player whose heart lay elsewhere.

When the Sunderland Echo says a player is attending the academy for a medical, the fee agreed with his present club, we are entitled to believe it is probably true. The story has gathered more steam as the day has proceeded.

But there can be few imminent transfers, in or out of the club, that are more calculated to divide opinion.

Monsieur Salut has seen a string of views from supporters, both for and against. The figures quoted, between £7m and £10m, do seem high for a player who has had limited playing time at Liverpool and has only a year left on his contract. But our absolute requirement to strengthen is serious enough to make that a moot point.

It is also true, as has been argued here and elsewhere, that our most pressing need is at the other end.

The defence has been run ragged in three of the four Premier games so far, and even in the League Cup against inconsequential lower-league opposition. O’Shea and Kaboul formed a partnership that seemed a great deal more convincing at Villa Park than all that had preceded it, but that does not equate with it being exactly reassuring. As for our full backs, the best that can be said it that they don’t look too bad going forward.

But if we know that, so does Dick Advocaat. Ellis Short and Lee Congerton know it, too. So bringing Borini back does not mean they are neglecting the overwhelming duty to address back-four shortcomings. Time is running out but that is the nature of transfer windows. I have already submitted, as requested, my appraisal of Sunderland’s performance in the window to ESPN FC, but my editors there know only too well that everything, including the mark out of 10 I have awarded, is open to radical change come tomorrow evening.

Back to Borini. I rate him. His goals versus Newcastle United, Chelsea and especially Man City in the League Cup and at home to WBA to secure survival under Poyet will long remain in Sunderland memories. I cannot fault a player who gives everything while on loan to Sunderland but really feels he ought to be better appreciated at Liverpool or courted back home in Serie A.

Of the various onlines messages and tweets I have seen, Chris Flynn at Twitter – – has come up with the most sensible view: “Fans need to remember that Borini turned us down purely for football reasons. When he signs we as fans must give him 110% backing.”

But the mischief-maker in me also warmed to Paddy Power’s impertinent offering:

I’d love to see other views, including those of Liverpool fans.

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M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

20 thoughts on “Liverpool’s Fabio Borini: we have finally got our man. A good idea?”

  1. Lets not forget, borini is only 24 and probably has his best years in front of him. I think 10 million could end up being a steal. Id love it if he bags 15+ goals this season then 20+ next season. Would make the critics a laughing stock!

  2. I don’t think he is top drawer, but he brings pace and 100% effort. He scored 10 in a season for us [ 4 pens ] which is better than any of our present lot [ I exclude Defoe who is likely to at least equal that ]
    He is definitely better than Wickham, and cost less, so you can’t really complain.

    However, IMO, our main need is defenders. I think we need two decent full backs, and possibly a CB. I’m surprised we didn’t compete for Jonny Evans, who was a snip a the price. I cannot believe that DA thinks our back four is good enough?

    • Totally agree, our defence is crap. I am sure Dick Advocaat realises that, and is trying a last minute deal to make things better,
      But, we do have a better attacking option with Borini than we had without him.
      I am not convinced Dick A is happy with the way we have leaked goals, but look at Swansea, who beat us, also beating Man Utd.
      That in itself should give us hope. And Borini must think we can do better to actually join us. That is the problem, to join this team, you accept you will be struggling. A fresh result against Man City and a few goals against Newcastle, and no one will complain, but I am not yet happy they will come. Still… Tiny Steps as Elvis Costello sang.

  3. Wickham out, Borini in 2 million left, that has got tobe good business, Fabio has something to prove and I hope he gets his revenge this season. We know what he can do and his effort will always outstrip Fletcher, I thing he get on well with Defoe and he offers something neither Fletcher or Grahzm have to offer, lets forget his dallying and get behind him. A good move for us.

  4. Borini is a good player,he’s better than some of the players that Liverpool have playing in his position.I never liked Brendan Rogers he’s got a Hitler complex and I hope he gets the boot this year because Liverpool are not a top 6 team.I wish Borini all the best and once he’s up to par fitness wise I think he will be an excellent signing…But we have to sort the full backs out,the 2 that are in the team now are not good enough for the top flight,they are decent going forward,but F******* useless when they have to defend,,,bring back Dick Malone!

  5. It is true that you get an excellernt view of the Wear Valley from the mansions of Adelaide Terrace, especially when the sun sets across the hills.

  6. Just imagine: thoughts of living in Milan, the next day Sunderland. Imaginary, of course. He will be living somewhere outside of Sunderland in great comfort and the move to Milan was probably imaginary. He was a lot more than okay when he was on loan and he has a lot to prove to Rodgers. I expect him to be very keen to show him how good he can be.

    • Poyet talked on Sky on Sunday about how hard it was to attract players to join us .
      I like the lad, he is full of confidence for a relatively young lad, and clearly believes he should be playing for a top 4 club. This is his big chance and if we get a couple of years of good performances and goals, before he leaves for a profit, then that’s fine by me.

  7. He was a fine player for us on loan but he hasn’t played much since ,so don’t expect him to hit the ground running . As long as we have funds left to strengthen the full back positions then playing wise this is a good signing for us . I don’t blame Borini for wanting to play at the highest level and I’m not kidding myself that he turned down other teams to come here , but how many do ? We’re all pragmatic when it comes to decision making , footballers are no different .

  8. Got to agree with Steeeeeeeve! Borini will be happy to play on the left of the front line allowing JD to slot in to his favoured position down the middle. As for not wanting to come back last season we need to remember it is his profession and he gave his all when he was here.

    Interesting article the other day in the Chronicle about de Guzman. Swap his name for Borini and it still makes sense.”

    “Napoli midfielder de Guzman was obviously hedging his bets, waiting to see if a better offer would come along, rather than joining the Black Cats.

    Fans don’t like that one bit.

    And that’s understandable – they would crawl over broken glass for the chance to play for their beloved team.

    But is it so surprising that a foreign born player does not share the same passion for Wearside?

    Fans make a lifelong commitment to their club, while it is usually no more than a stopping-off point in a player’s career.

    Some go on to develop an affinity with a club, and some even go on to be accorded hero status by the fans.

    But most do not.”

    Full article:

  9. I may be only able to give 100% support…..does this make me a lesser supporter…….or just one who dislikes hyperbole. So for what it’s worth Fabio has my 100% backing. It may drop however to say 90 % ……can’t make any promises

  10. But what does the new Mrs Borini think? Would love to seem him back in red and white, I thought his attitude towards the club and the fans was first rate. Oh yes… those goals!!!

  11. Inevitably there will be some fans who wouldn’t want to see him back at Sunderland after he turned us down last season (to go back and try his hand at one of the biggest English teams who also happened to be In the champions league), but would love to see him back. When he was here, he proved that he could score goals when played down the middle but also showed that he could do it when playing wide. (Like when he drifted in and broke the net against the mags at the SoL). He also has a fantastic work rate and would track back to support his full-back. Anyway, if it means it will force DG or SF out of the team and put Defoe back down the middle and scoring goals, it’s a no-brainer

  12. Well, we did sell Wickham to Palace for £9m. And hopefully are getting a good price for sick-note Giaccherini.
    Borini is a class addition, and gives 100%. We need those kind of people in the team who want to put a shift in every game (not just wait until 10 games left to go in the season).
    If only we could offload Fletch and Graham.

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