SAFC vs Exeter City Guess the Score: smooth progress or cup upset?

Jake: 'can this be true?'
Jake: ‘can this be true?’

Will Sunderland get a first win of the season, boosting morale with any luck ahead of the trip to Villa? Or will Exeter City slip banana skins under our feet?

Fans of the Devon side, including the 300-500 expected to travel up for the game, are welcome to join in Guess the Score though it will probably be a just-for-fun comp. On the basis that no prize is only marginally worse than a coffee mug, have a go anyway.

Phil Davison – not Paul Devine, as mentioned in the original version of this post – was the Salut! Sunderland reader who correctly guessed 1-1 for Sunderland vs Swansea, even if he opted for that scoreline only because his first choice had already been taken. He didn’t say, but I’d guess his first thought was 0-0.

There was a special prize for last week’s competition, which I described at

Guess the Score is still sponsorless but Monsieur Salut does have special one-off prize to offer thanks to the kindness of Kathy Pitcher, whose Sunderland-supporting husband George was remembered on these pages recently (see
Kathy was sorting through some belongings of George, who died last December, and came across three DVDs which she offered to any reader of Salut! Sunderland who might appreciate them: Looking Up (season review 2009-10); Sunderland vs Leeds Utd (1973 FA Cup Final) and The Fantastic Four (Sunderland’s Greatest Derby Victories). Read what you will into this, but two of the DVDs are still in their original wrapping.

Thanks, Kathy, bravo Phil and Ha’way the Lads in the League Cup.

*** Catch the double-header Exeter City “Who are You?” at Both Paul and Neil will be at the game.

Salut! Sunderland: What is the one thing you really want to see or to happen for Exeter City in your lifetime?

Paul Sussex: To play in the Championship. I think we’re too small for the Premiership, though AFC Bournemouth progression to the top flight gives us all hope.

Neil Le Milliere: Simply to continue to be financially secure and operate within our means but also get the success that that deserves.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

11 thoughts on “SAFC vs Exeter City Guess the Score: smooth progress or cup upset?”

  1. P.S.

    This one is more difficult to predict as he may rest a lot of players and send out a mixture of fringe players and youngsters.

  2. 1-0 to Sunderland.

    I was indeed the winner of the Swansea game mug.

    I would have gone for nil-nil had it not already been taken.
    Thanks to Colin and to Paul for pointing it out.


    • Watched the U21s yesterday and was impressed with Gooch. He has a low centre of gravity and is strong in possession. In my opinion he is closer to the first team than Mandron but would be a replacement for Defoe, not Fletcher or Graham. If Dick wanted to rest those two then Mandron would be the more obvious choice.

      Gomez got through 80 minutes so might be in the frame for a run out tomorrow too.

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