Sixer’s Sevens: Leicester 4-2 SAFC. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Jake: catch Sixer's instant seven-word verdicts throughout the season
Jake: catch Sixer’s instant seven-word verdicts throughout the season

Whatever we hoped or expected from Dick Advocaat’s new-look side, it was pretty much as you were at Leicester. Three down in 25 minutes, only Costel Pantilimon standing between City and a hatful by half time and the team in utter shambles. Has Jeremain Lens a clause allowing him to leave by the end of August? First Defoe gave hope, then Fletcher, with their second half goals. But Leicester looked dangerous with every attack and Monsieur Salut takes no pride in seeing that his predicted starting XI was spot-on, since it was also fairly useless. Pete Sixsmith was there, as so often, to take the pain – and this, ahead of his considered view, is his instant, unhappy verdict …

Leicester City (3) 4 SAFC (0) 2 No encouragement to take from this shocker

Jake: 'phew - only 4-2'
Jake: ‘phew – only 4-2’

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10 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens: Leicester 4-2 SAFC. <em>Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose</em>”

  1. They looked tired and played as if they didn’t have a clue what to do.Not having played much together to get to know each others strengths and who in their right minds plays pre season games thousands of miles away against crap.Why didn’t they just play a few lower division teams and get up to par here without all the travelling.They still need about 3 or 4 more good players to stand a chance of doing anything this season.I was looking forward to this season,now i’m feeling like I did at the end of last season…..Like Drummer said,the full backs are awfull,but Leicester looked good,,,,Long days ahead?

  2. You can’t exist on a wing and a prayer in this division and expect to survive . I honestly believe this transfer window is an improvement on the last few years , only because they have being so dreadfull . The reason we’re still playing the same old faces is that the new recruits are usually worse . Jones was an injury prone West Brom part timer who can’t lace Bardsleys boots . Give me Alonso or even Colback over Van Anholt any day of the week while the new recruits in the cold light of day are just what the previous posters have stated . Ellis Short has spent a fortune on this club with little reward but he has to invest more if he wants to claim that mega tv deal that’s available next season . I wasn’t too worried a couple of hours ago , I am now .

  3. Well after the euphoria we had here in Toronto a few weeks ago at Scallywags meeting all the players & staff, us Toronto based mackens gathered there again to watch today’s match. As happy as we were a few weeks ago seems miles away from the feelings that we had today. All I can say is in glad we scored a couple of goals as I was fearing a Southampton like game at 3 nil. Onwards & upwards from here. I’ll keep the faith & FTM!


  4. Hard to believe when I said they’d lose 2-0, that I was being optimistic. I wonder how Oom Dick will find a positive spin to put on this… “If Cattermole hadn’t given a stupid penalty, then it would only have been 3-2 and that’s not so bad given that the team’s still a bit tired from training and jet-lagged from the trip to Leicester and one or two of them hung-over…”

      • Yes, he has inherited a mess and I’m prepared to give every chance under the sun to sort it out. I certainly don’t want to see him disappear through the managerial revolving door. What I do want, though, is some honesty from him. I don’t think we’re getting it.

      • Yes, he has stated quite clearly that there is a fair amount of deadwood, just hope that he is given the means to bring a few more good players in. For the rest, Advocaat is a top class coach and Sunderland are fortunate in that respect. Another consolation? The first day of a new season can be very deceptive.

  5. Jones and PVA are very poor fullbacks, certainly as bad as any other premier league pairing, we have improved our defence by signing Spurs 6th choice center half with Liverpools 5th choice center half, and people are saying we’ve a good transfer window. Fantastic job Maggie, Lee and Ellis.

  6. Let’s see….we’ve brought in one quality player(Lens) plus several low-budget ‘bargains’, and added them to the bottom-of-the-barrel side from last season. Well, if anyone was wondering how that would play out, they got their answer in spades today.

    If there’s a silver lining to be found in today’s debacle, perhaps now Ellis Short will open that moth-infested wallet of his and bring in some quality talent. Failure to do so will guarantee Black Cat supporters another season in relegation hell.

    • Have to agree. Many of these players should have been told long ago “Make that mistake again and you’ll be selling cleats!” Surely players of this caliber with promise can be had for the price of these old dogs that can’t be taught the new tricks necessary for improvement.

      Or better yet, spend big for some real quality.

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