Sixer’s Sevens: SAFC 1 Manchester City 4. Dismay turns to embarrassment

Jake: catch Sixer's instant seven-word verdicts throughout the season
Jake: catch Sixer’s instant seven-word verdicts throughout the season at

Monsieur Salut writes: first there was anger at the ref, then disbelief at how easily Sunderland’s defence can be ripped to shreds. The van Aanholt foul, idiotic as it was, happened on the edge of the penalty box (I thought). Free kick, not penalty. Borini’s goal was harshly disallowed. Two borderline decisions, both going against SAFC. That’s the end of the justified anger with the referee Roger East. Then came disappointment. Toivonen – later to score – had a strong header brilliantly saved, after a terrific Yedlin run and cross, but City immediately swept upfield and scored a second, Kevin De Bruyne’s finish looking better than Vito Mannone’s unconvincing attempt to stop it. O’Shea had a wonderful chance to nod home from a corner. Then Mannone fluffed a cross, Sterling hit the post and the rebound hit the keeper and went in for an own goal. Along came a fourth and half time was still 10 minutes away.

‘This is the first “good” side we’ve faced and they’re strolling,’ said Pete Sixsmith. ‘We look reasonable going forward but they are just picking us off.’ That was at 2 or 3-0. His later thoughts were more devastating (see below for three versions of his seven-word verdict) but at least Toivonen’s consolation goal meant we won the second half …

Jake: 'I said "God help us" and tonight shows why I'm an atheist'
Jake: ‘I said “God help us” and tonight shows why I’m an atheist’

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7 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens: SAFC 1 Manchester City 4. Dismay turns to embarrassment”

  1. But as a caller to the radio said was this an instance of the first £100 million 2-man wall i.e. Sterling and De Bruyne?. City are miles ahead of us but with a £12 million 18-year-old on the bench it’s hardly surprising.

  2. After almost a decade in the premiere league SAFC are probably, no definitely, further behind the better teams than ever. The managers recent comments on his team are nothing but an insult to long suffering fans. No fullbacks, ageing slow defenders, no apparent shape in midfield, forwards missing chance after chance, a team beaten for pace and determination by every team we have played so far this season – the list goes on. I hope my gloomy outlook is proved wrong but at the moment 40 points looks as likely as a lottery win. Tonight wasn’t so much a disappointment more a confirmation of the dire state of our team. Off to Old Trafford for more fun.

    • Given the hundreds of millions the ‘better teams’ have at their disposal is it really a surprise we are decades behind them.The EPL is not a fair fight and never will be, even more so for a club like us who has my some fluke avoided relegation in the last three season and is too far from London or Manchester.

  3. I can hardly wait (actually, yes I can) to read the words that one of Advocaat’s flunkies is probably in the middle of writing:
    “We could not find the passion and aggression that we needed when you’re playing against a team like Manchester City. We gave four poor goals away and we need to take a look in the mirror and try and find out what we’re doing wrong.
    “I am not downbeat, I am thinking about how to fix things. I’m happy with my squad, we are good enough to stay up but we have to work harder.
    “It’s a shame for the fans, we are all well-paid and today they paid good money to come to the game and they deserved better; we will try harder for them.
    “Thanks for your support.”

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