Votes of confidence in the transfer dealings of Advocaat, Congerton and Short


Salut! Sunderland won’t labour this but the poll on our club’s performance in the transfer window can continue for another few days before getting its decent burial.

You can see from clicking on View Results that the number of ratings posted is approaching 200 (300+ as of midday on Thursday – Ed). That’s a small percentage of SAFC’s support base but a bigger sample than professional pollsters typically regard as viable in their surveys of voting intentions and so on.

Of course, ours lacks any scientific basis because anyone can vote. There’s no possibility of ensuring a “representative” sample.

But it is interesting to note that the results we have recorded reveal a clear pattern, one to bring cheer to Dick and Lee and Ellis.

Jake: 'one obvious success story so far'
Jake: ‘one obvious success story so far’

By far the greatest number of votes cast have been for respectable marks of six or seven out of 10 (25.93 per cent and 41.27 per cent respectively when I looked a minute ago).

My vote of 5/10 was clearly judged too harsh, with fewer than nine per cent sharing my reservations to the same extent. Rather more went for 8/10, which implies a high degree of approval. Don’t worry about the couple of “other” ratings; no one has given a minus mark but those two awarded marks of between 7/10 and 8/10

Read the original introduction to the poll, and lots of readers’ comments, at
. You can vote wherever you come across the poll on the site, though you are not supposed to vote more than once even if you find ways of doing so.

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3 thoughts on “Votes of confidence in the transfer dealings of Advocaat, Congerton and Short”

  1. The Best thing of all: We are now signing players other than those who were closely aligned to the manager in his previous guises. That means we now have staff who know the market. If these same staff are prepared to give younger players a go that will be another plus. On the face of it we should do better than last season – but it’s never the season you think …

  2. I think that they have done well. Not easy to attract top quality players to a team which always struggles. Also had bit of bad luck re three players failing. medicals.

    Perhaps if we are mid table by January a couple more might arrive.

  3. I would of gave 8 or 9 had we signed a real quality cb. I think the defense is really going to let us down this year. Although i suppose we only have to make it to january then im sure defensive recruitments will be at the top of our agenda.

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