Borini, Yedlin, Fletcher star in one-word verdicts after West Ham draw

Rob: one word will suffice.
Rob: one word will suffice.

Rob Hutchison has been quiet during the recent Sunderland slump. But he is back after the 2-2 home draw with West Ham with his punchy one-word verdicts on the Lads in red and white (and on the quite appalling ref Neil Swarbrick). Sorry Hammers – you’ll have to do the one-worders for your players …

– 4 poor

Yedlin – 7 sharp

O’Shea –
6 focused

Coates – 6 steady

Jones – 6 combative

Catts – 6 workmanlike

M’Vila – 6 strong

– 6 flashes

Borini – 8 everywhere

Fletcher – 7 improved

Lens – 6 frustrating


Rodwell – 5 brief

Others – late!


Swarbrick – 4 Hamfisted

Jake: 'oh Jeremain!'
Jake: ‘oh Jeremain!’

6 thoughts on “Borini, Yedlin, Fletcher star in one-word verdicts after West Ham draw”

  1. Whole back four looked more comfortable with PVA out of the team and Cattermole shielding them . The effort and commitment was there and maybe DA has finally found a system that works but it seems that its a new manager that will benefit from it . Pantillimon seemed to be palming the ball downwards instead of catching it clean which cost us at least one goal, but we should have buried this in the first half before Swarbrick had the opportunity to influence the game .

  2. With PvA out we looked more solid at the back. Yedlins runs were a constant reminder to the W.Ham back four to not overcommit. Moses got no joy from Yedlin and had to switch wings!
    Borini found space time and time again and was a stand-out player for us today.
    I am sure Lens will learn something from today.

  3. From what I saw (stuttering online stream) this was Jones’ best game, and the best our fullbacks have been all season. Perhaps Dick has stumbled on our best back four combination.

  4. I’d have given every player at least one more than Rob on today’s performance. Thought each one played their hearts out.

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