Hutch’s Patch: one-word verdicts on Sunderland, sharp words for WBA’s McClean

Rob: one word will suffice.
Rob: one word will suffice

‘Excellent first half, fragile after conceding,’ says Rob Hutchison on our efforts at the Hawthorns. ‘Defoe something for Sam to build on though.’ He wasn’t impressed by Trigger McClean’s antics …

Pants 5 controversial

Jones 7 busy

Jos 6 organiser

Kaboul 7 improved

Yedlin 7 developing

Catts 6 himself

M’Vila 6

Larsson 5 quiet

Gomez 5 adequate

Borini 6 diligent

Fletcher 6


Johnson 5 alreet

Defoe 5 rusty

Graham 5 passion

Big Sam 8 planner

Trigger – No rating but caused us constant problems down the left. Successfully etched his place in Sunderland folklore at full time. Credit to M’Vila for sorting out his disciplinary record. If would have been so easy to just chin the little runt.

7 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: one-word verdicts on Sunderland, sharp words for WBA’s McClean”

  1. I hate the ugly side of football the abusive and degrading chants, but McLean is supposed to be a professional !!!
    He is happy to live in England and receive his huge wage packet. If he’s not happy with England and what it stands for then why not return to his beloved Ireland. Double standards and greed comes to mind.
    The FA need to punish him and make an example of him.

    • It’s also possible that Graham, Cattermole etc could be yellow carded retrospectively. They shouldn’t have got involved, and you could argue that had Graham did what he did during the game he would have been sent off.

  2. In no way do I support McLean and his views on the poppy or the union flag. I am totally against his views. He shows no respect at all. But I was at the Hawthornes yesterday and I feel those fans chanting about the IRA let Sunderland football club down. They lowered themselves to the gutter level of McLean himself. Leave that sort of chanting and behaviour to the England fans and those fans in Scotland who think sectarian chanting is acceptable. No doubt I’ll get some stick for my views. I love football humour as much as anyone but yesterday was not funny or acceptable. Pity the game itself didn’t give me anything to talk about.

    • I agree Keith. McClean is an idiot, and not much of a player to boot, but I don’t support sectarian or any form of personal abusive chanting at football grounds, or anywhere else.

      If McClean was more mature, he would have ignored it, and he would have emerged the stronger.

    • I thought the poppy row overcooked and said so here but I understand why people took offence just as I understand why a nationalist from Derry would find it offensive to wear one. Otherwise I agree with every word you say, Keith – he is an obnoxious character, his actions were immature and provocative and he should be punished. But our fans did themselves no credit

  3. McClean ,2+2=5 according to him . Thick as sh## , should be charged with incitement . I’m just sickened that I’ve contributed to this turds wages and I continue to do so indirectly with various tv subscriptions .

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