Sixer’s Sevens: WBA 1-0 Sunderland. Urgently required: a safe keeper

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Jake: Sixer went AWOL so for once it is Bob Chapman’s knee that’s jerking

Monsieur Salut
writes: What can a manager do about the sort of error Costel Pantilimon made against West Brom, spilling a cross to give Saido Berahino a gift of a tap-in? Big Sam was as powerless as Dick Advocaat had been when Pants made an equally schoolboyish mistake to give West Ham an equaliser in the last match.

After a decent first half, that lead early in the second half was decisive and Sunderland lacked the guile or strength to get back into the game. A draw seemed a minimum requirement against another team in the bottom six. Pete Sixsmith was not there and the seven-word verdict, concentrating on the Hawthorns catering, is from his supersub Bob Chapman. James McClean proved again that he really is a bit of a prat, stupidly and provocatively going to the Sunderland support at the final whistle to wave a triumphant fist at them. Clearly he is not going to grow up any time soon …

BUT DO SAY SO if you feel I am being harsh on Pants and believe he was fouled…

Jake: 'oh Pants!'
Jake: ‘oh Pants!’

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7 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens: WBA 1-0 Sunderland. Urgently required: a safe keeper”

  1. Just like Advocaat on his opener, we were punished by an official who made very poor decision. CP’s height doesnor should not come into it. Berahino jumped into him, handled the ball then in the following scrum kicked the ball out his his hands. Atkinson only had 3 perfectly clear opportunities to blow for an infringement.
    You all no full well that if that was Cech, Hart, De Gea, Begovic etc. the foul would have been given

  2. As with Mannone before him ,the teams struggles have rendered Pantillimon a nervous wreck . Confidence is everything and our previously porous defence hasn’t given Pantillimon any time to settle and to gain his confidence .The goal aside , we looked fairly solid and if anyone can keep us up Allardyce can . We must win next Sunday though , failure to get three points on board in that very winnable fixture will make a very serious situation critical .

    • Whilst I don’t think either CP or VM are top drawer [ CP ‘s distribution is the worst I’ve seen in a PL ‘keeper ] I do agree with your point about the effect our defence must have on a goalkeeper’s confidence.

      I think Pickford will take over soon, meanwhile Sam must get in two or three decent defenders, if we are going to survive [ I still think we will ]

      • I would like the club to make it clear to all supporters (and the likes of Villa, Spurs, Man U), that Pickford is our future and is going nowhere. He’ll leave eventually, but it will be to enhance his career, and we’ll get a huge transfer fee.

  3. Was he fouled? He’s 6’8″, berahino is 5’8″. Seriously? He should have brushed everyone out of his way, not fallen over complaining about a challenge by the slightest player on the pitch. I like Pants, but that was pathetic.

    • Height doesn’t come into,it. Berahinio fouled CP causing him to drop the ball, then when CP regained possession of the ball SB fouled him again when he kicked the ball out of his hands.

      The goal should have been disallowed. We were badly done to …..end of story.

      • Did O’Shea push Berahino into Pants? Haven’t seen replays of that part of the incident but have sen a still suggesting it.

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